SAB overcomes technical issues to host a large crowd for Office themed trivia


Participants in “The Office” trivia attempt to win prizes at an SAB sponsored event.

Ana Neal

Although the Student Activities Board’s trivia, on Wednesday night, didn’t go completely as planned, attendees got to showcase their knowledge of the popular show The Office and had the opportunity to win prizes.

Wednesday’s event brought a crowd of nearly 120 people to the Student Center Ballroom. Freshman history and English major Mackenzie Brunson wasn’t surprised by the turnout.

 “The Office is one of the most popular sitcoms, so I feel like if you do something involving The Office you’re gonna get a lot of people. It’s really popular,” she said.

SAB Pop Culture Director Trace Williams wasn’t surprised by the turnout either.

“College students love The Office. I know adults are like ‘Really, college students still watch the Office?’ and it’s like yeah. I think The Office being so popular made the event successful.”

The attendees also had another motivation for coming to the event: free prizes. Along with AirPods, iPad minis and Fitbits, the SAB offered the winners The Office-themed prizes like, “Prison Mike” socks, Schrute Farms sweatshirt and a Dunder Mifflin hoodie and sweatshirt.

The trivia night consisted of three rounds of 25 questions. After each round, three winners were named and able to pick from a table of prizes. After the second round of the trivia night, which was powered by the website Kahoot, the game ran into some problems.

In the third round, although the correct answers were inserted into the Kahoot, the website began declaring almost every “A” answer as correct. Most of the time it wasn’t. Faced with a dilemma, Williams, gave the top five players an option to continue the game with wrong answers or start a new game with a new Kahoot. The players decided they wanted to continue the game. The decision caused some disappointed groans from the attendees. Sophomore kinesiology major Lauren Noe was among those disappointed.

“It wasn’t fair, because I don’t think people in Kahoot understand how important the streaks are. It’s important,” Noe said.

Because of the hiccup, Williams decided to add a fourth and final round and gave those disappointed with the decision an opportunity to win a SAB sweatshirt. Although going through a minor setback, Williams felt his trivia night was still successful.

 “I mean honestly the turnout was great… Everybody seemed to have fun, the prizes were great. So, I think overall it was pretty good, it could’ve been better again with the Kahoot but I think it was a great event and I’m glad that it was my last event,” he said.

Williams said although The Office trivia night was his last event as Pop Culture Director, the campus should look out for more themed trivia nights to come.

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