Don’t waste time with sadness or an overdose of anticipation


Sarah Ladd, the Kernel’s 2018-19 opinions editor, will graduate this May. 

I think it’s hitting me that I graduate in about three weeks. I’ve got the gown, the outfit, the cords, the jitters. I’ve also got the job hunts, the last minute to-do lists because there’s something so final about losing a university email and going out into the world, seemingly alone.

But, there’s also the giggles with friends as you take graduation pictures. The steaming of regalia to get it completely smooth. The leap in your chest when you get that job offer you really, really wanted.

This time during the semester is hard for upcoming graduates and I feel uniquely qualified to tell you that I understand how you feel if you’re planning to walk the stage in May. But I also want to encourage you to stop and relish this time. We have 21 and a half days left until graduation. These last days are gems, and we shouldn’t waste them with either sadness or an overdose of anticipation.

I don’t always know how to take my own advice, mind you. I’ve had regular freak-outs and panic sessions where I just feel like laying on the floor and staring at the ceiling while I contemplate how sad I am to be leaving this part of my life behind.

What moments like above have taught me is that pining over how much I will miss college, the Kernel, all my friends and college culture is wasting valuable time I still have left here.

If you’re on the other end of the spectrum and aren’t sad, but just can’t wait for graduation, I think this applies to you as well. Don’t wish time away. You’ll have the next 50 years to be an adult and do all the things that right now seem so new and “adultish.” Enjoy this last bit of time as a college kid. Embrace the heavy backpacks and long walks. When we return in 10 years, I have a feeling nothing will look the same. So take long looks at the scenery, the flowers, the sidewalks.

Graduation will get here, we’ll walk the stage, we’ll graduate, we’ll grow up, we’ll be successful. Life goes on.