The Hub offers off-campus housing with added luxuries

Bryce Stiff

The Hub apartment complex, the newest off campus housing near the University of Kentucky, will open in August 2019.

The nationwide off campus student housing company is adding Lexington to their list of 19 locations around other major college campuses including Michigan, Missouri, Oregon, Arizona, Florida, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Mississippi, Illinois, Indiana, Alabama and Washington.

Located at the corner of South Upper and Limestone, the complex offers completely different living experience from not only the campus dorms but also from the other apartment complexes as well.

Apartment suites in The Hub start at $784 for one person in a four-bedroom Pearl suite and prices go up as the levels do. The other levels are Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby and Diamond.

Sophomore Joseph Salyers is staying in Emerald for the next year, after living in Boyd Hall this year. He said he is ready for the move.

“It’s brand new and it looked really cool,” Salyers said. “If I’m going to pay, I’d rather pay for the best ones.”

To upgrade each room, tenants can add mansion apartment features, spa apartment features and VIP apartment features for an extra fee.

The mansion apartment features a private outdoor terrace with patio furniture, private outdoor hot tub and heater, upgraded 65” 4K Smart TV, custom tile backsplash in kitchen, in-unit sound system and an upgraded refrigerator with water and ice dispenser.

The spa apartment is featured on the 5th floor with restricted access, Kohler Moxie Bluetooth rain shower speaker, light dimmers and upgraded custom closet organization.

The VIP apartment features the same as the previous two but is on the top floor, has voice activated smart home technology and a smart thermostat.

Living in luxury is going to cost significantly more than a full year living in the dorm. The most popular type of dorm room on campus is the 2-bedroom suite, which costs close to $9,000 a year.

The minimum price at The Hub is going to be $8,688 for a year but that price increases greatly with additional amenities and parking. Most residents can probably expect to pay up to $10,000 or more.

Living off campus does come with additional responsibilities, such as commuting to class and paying a lease.

Freshman Jalen Collins is also moving into The Hub in the upcoming months.

“I’m looking to enjoying the rooftop pool at The Hub,” Collins said. “Also having my own things like a kitchen and refrigerator as well as a fitness room.”