Summer Read: Where are Kernelites now?

Kernel Staff

When the University of Kentucky gets out for summer break, Kernel staffers scatter. Some graduate and move on to their professional careers. Others temporarily move to all corners of the country for summer internships. Others study abroad, travel or find some much-needed relaxation. 

Things may be quieter than normal in the Kernel newsroom, but that doesn’t mean Kernel staffers— past, present and future— aren’t producing great work. Check out the list below to see what some of us are up to this summer. 


McKenna Horsley (May 2019)

Location: Frankfort, Kentucky

Position: Education reporter

Company: Frankfort State-Journal

View her work: 

KSU searching for Atwood Institute director after removing first leader earlier this year

FOCUS: College is most popular path for area’s Class of 2019

Would VFW and Buddha murals have been allowed under new city ordinance? Read what city planner has to say

Sarah Ladd (May 2019) 

Location: Louisville, Kentucky

Position: Breaking news reporter 

Company: Courier Journal 

View her work: 

‘Sitting with greatness’: Why this man spent 9 hours at Muhammad Ali’s grave

Black vultures are roosting in Kentucky and eating animals alive

Jillian Jones (May 2019) 

Location: Louisville, Kentucky 

Position: Graphic designer

Company: Today’s Media Now

View her work:

Today’s Woman July edition: Jillian designed pages 10-17 and 28-41. 

Koriana Blevins (May 2019)

Location: Nicholasville, Kentucky

Position: Product analyst 

Company: Deal Media

Abigail Feldkamp (May 2019)

Location: Lexington, Kentucky 

Position: Stylist 

Companies: Free People and BCBG

Chris Leach (December 2018)

Location: Lawrenceburg, Kentucky

Position: Sports editor

Company: The Anderson News

View his work: 

Mastering the mouth shot 

‘Secret to basketball’ unlocks Ruble’s potential 

Rob Fischer (December 2018)

Location: Lexington, Kentucky

Position: Junior graphic designer 

Company: bloc MKTG

View his work: 

Portfolio website

Instagram account for Golden Doodles Art: @goldendoodlesart

Paidin Dermody (December 2018)

Location: Columbus, Ohio

Paidin is spending the summer writing her first book, which is a non-fiction piece about her life. She has also done freelance editing work through online outlets. She hopes to soon get an internship or job at a book publishing house in New York City. 

RETURNING STAFFERS (With 2019-20 positions)

Rick Childress (Editor-in-chief)

Location: Washington, D.C.

Position: Reporter intern

Company: McClatchy DC Bureau 

View his work: 

AOC, Cruz want a birth control bill. But they’re having trouble with the details. 

Feds don’t want pot-smoking truckers driving, but struggle with drug testing rules

Jacob Eads (Managing editor)

Location: Washington, D.C.

Position: Intern

Company: The office of House Majority Whip James E. Clyburn

View photos of Jacob here

Sydney Momeyer (News editor) 

Location: Lexington, Kentucky

Position: Reporting intern

Company: Lexington Herald-Leader

View her work: 

Reading to the barber: Youths can earn money, books, mentor

Finger-lickin’ odd? Say hello Chick-Finity, a preserved KFC chicken leg for $100

Emily Laytham (Assistant news editor) 

Location: Lexington, Kentucky

Position: Reporting intern 

Company: Lexington Herald-Leader

View her work: 

‘Her own heroine.’ Miss Kentucky 2019 was inspired. Now she’s looking to pay it forward.

Henry Clay senior accepted at 3 military academies. Where she’s headed after graduation.

Erika Bonner (Sports editor)

Location: Lexington, Kentucky

Position: Sports intern

Company: WKYT

Mohammad Ahmad (Assistant sports editor)

Location: St. Louis, Missouri 

Position: Production intern 

Company: 590 The Fan / KFNS Sports Radio 

His work: Helping to plan shows and edit audio 

Jordan Prather (Photo editor)

Location: Owen County, Kentucky

Position: Freelance photographer

Events he’s covered: 

NCAA Division III men’s golf championship 

Vanderbilt University baseball 

NCAA Divison I softball regionals 

Midway College graduation 

View some of his photos here

Michael Clubb (Photo editor) 

Location: Naples, Maine

Position: Staff photographer 

Company: Camp Skylemar 

View his work: 

Camp Skylemar daily blog

Arden Barnes (KRNL photo editor) 

Location: Sacramento, California 

Position: Photo intern

Company: The Sacramento Bee

View her work: 

Vigil for Tara O’Sullivan

‘Get on the Bus’ brings children to visit parents at Folsom prison for early Father’s Day

Watch Tara O’Sullivan’s procession pass by her former police precinct

Bailey Vandiver (KRNL chief copy editor)

Location: Jacksonville, Florida 

Position: Reporting intern 

Company: The Florida Times-Union

View her work: 

Type casting: Westside Jacksonville business repairs typewriters 

Bariatric Center celebrates 22 models’ 3,000-pound weight loss with fashion show 

Braille flag installed at Jacksonville National Cemetery