When Willy T is too busy, check out these off-campus studying locations


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Jade Grisham

Do you have a long paper to write? Have a big test to study for? This may come as a surprise to most of you, but there are other places to study around Lexington other than the extremely crowded William T. Young library.

In Lexington, there are many coffee shops that make for perfect studying spots (and amazing coffee!)

One of my favorite places to study off campus is Manchester Coffee Co. on Manchester Road near the Lexington Distillery District. Not only does this coffee shop offer an inviting, modern space, they have free Wi-Fi, free parking (shocker) and quality coffee that everyone can enjoy.

Another favorite study spot of mine is A Cup of Commonwealth right next to Thoroughbred Park. This coffee shop offers a hip and homey environment with amazing coffee. They even have a “Pay it Forward” board where people can pre-purchase drinks for a certain person or put “stipulations” on a free drink. Written on coffee cup sleeves on the wall, these pay-it-forward drinks include general criteria such as “for someone who has had a bad day” or “for someone who just got a new job.” In my opinion, using this board is such a great way to make someone’s day.

Lastly, any of the Starbucks off campus are great study spots. Their atmosphere is lovely and their coffee is consistently great, but unlike on-campus Starbucks, they are not filled with dozens of noisy college students or a 45 minute line.

There are plenty of other places to study and coffee shops that Lexington has to offer, just a few minutes drive from campus. I look forward to trying them and I recommend you go and try them out too.

Happy studying!