Trick or TREAT?


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Anita Srinivasan

Every year as the leaves start to change color and the temperatures dip below 60 degrees, around early October, I start to think of Fall. With the beginning of Fall comes one of my favorite holidays: Halloween. Halloween is a time where people get to be spooky and dress up as their favorite characters or people. They also get to devour the maximum amount of candy physically possible (and save it over the year if any remain by the end of the night). 

From my years of trick-or-treating as a child to picking out candy from all the baskets along dorm hallways, I have never missed the opportunity to get my hands on a variety of sweets. I have eaten everything from Starbursts to chocolate, all of which have excited my tastebuds. However, if I had to pick one candy that most stands out to me, I would choose the iconic Reese’s.   

Reese’s is my favorite candy for a few reasons. It has multiple different flavors in the same candy, and also comes in many different varieties, unlike many chocolate and some fruity candies.

Reese’s is a perfect sandwich of chocolate and peanut butter. When I eat them,  I first taste the smooth chocolate portion before savoring the nutty peanut butter portion. Reese’s are truly the best of both worlds, not only in the sense that they contain two different flavors, but also that they come in a variety of sizes.  There are the traditional Reese’s cups, Reese’s that come in the shape of pumpkins (perfect for Halloween), Reese’s pieces and Reese’s eggs, for example. These different varieties allows me to eat my favorite candy in style, no matter the season.  

This Halloween I encourage all UK students to join me in celebrating Halloween properly, by indulging in Reese’s and making this year’s holiday an unforgettable one.