The best ways to spend UK’s first-ever fall break


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Sarah Halsey

The semester is flying by, and UK’s first ever Fall Break is October 21st and 22nd. We’re all ready for a break at this point in the semester. We’ve all worked very hard and need rest. Take advantage of the break, because it’ll be gone before you know it. Here are a few things to do over fall break and the weekend.

Go to the Blue White Game

The Blue White Game is a basketball scrimmage. It’s this Friday at Rupp Arena. You can pick one up your free student tickets at the Joe Craft Center ticket office. Still not convinced? Coach Cal always gives away two scholarships for the spring semester at this game, too. Don’t miss out!

Watch UK play at Georgia

We play at Georgia in football this Saturday. It’s an away game, but you can always show off your school spirit. Cheer the Cats on to a victory!

Watch your favorite Halloween movie

There are plenty of Halloween movies on Disney Channel this week, including Hocus Pocus, all four of the Halloweentowns, and Twitches. There are also some on Hulu. It’s spooky season!

Have a catch-up day or get ahead

School never really stops, and neither does the to-do list. I recommend dedicating one day to your to-do list. This can be catching up or getting ahead, but use Fall Break to your advantage.

Read a book

Calling all the bookworms! Reading is perfect for day when you need some rest and you don’t want to leave your house. Plus, the weather is finally cooling off. Cuddle up on the couch with your favorite book and a cup of hot chocolate, or those Halloween cookies everyone loves.

Take care of yourself

Do something for yourself. This can include sleeping in, exercising, or spend time with family. You could try out that new restaurant or watch that comedy special on Netflix. Whatever you chose, do something for yourself. You cannot compromise on health. You’ve earned a break.

Whatever you have planned, don’t forget that a break is just that: a break. Make rest a priority. You’ve earned it. Make some memories and enjoy college. It won’t last forever. Spend time with friends and family. Get some rest in order to finish the semester strong.