How we can cope in the age of anxiety


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Sarah Halsey

It is no secret that we are an anxious generation. One news organization even named 2017 the year of anxiety. It is easy to blame politics, current events, violence, or even the everyday stressors of life for the anxiety so many of us experience. Many people also blame technology for the anxiety so many people suffer from. What college student doesn’t feel anxious with tests, work, internships, friends, family, etc. to keep us busy? We are being pulled in every direction, and there never seems to be enough time in the day.

Although it is a scary world out there and there is always something else on our to-do list, students should still never sacrifice health. One obvious, yet often overlooked way to reduce anxiety in your life is to decrease your screen time. Personally, I deleted all social media apps from my phone. I immediately felt calmer and had better peace of mind because my phone wasn’t calling my name every 30 seconds. I personally did not have enough self-control to simply ignore the apps, so deleting them seemed the best way to go.

Anxiety is wreaking havoc on our mental and sometimes even our physical health. We should not tolerate this in our own lives. Many of us may have felt anxious for so long that it has become normal to us; we may not even notice it’s there anymore. I know that decreasing screen time may seem like too easy of a solution for some. Many people even suffer from clinical anxiety. If what you suffer from is more severe, pursue the help you need. You are worth it.

For students really wanting to make a change in their life, the UK Counseling Center has many free resources and therapists available to meet with students on a regular basis. There’s no shame is getting help when you need it. They are there to help you, and it costs you nothing! This is an awesome opportunity that will not be available after graduation, so take advantage of the resource while you can. You’ll thank yourself later.