Kernel photo staff takes home multiple honors at KNPA awards

Kernel photographers Michael Clubb, left, Arden Barnes and Jordan Prather covered the 2019 Derby in Louisville, Kentucky, on May 4, 2019. 

Kernel News Staff

Kentucky Kernel photographers took home a litany of awards and accolades at the annual Kentucky News Photographer Association meeting this past weekend.

Arden Barnes, a staff photographer and former photo editor who is graduating in May, was named the runner-up Kentucky student photographer of the year.

“The fact that UK students showed out for the awards that they did is a testament to the Kernel and to our advisers and professors,” Barnes said. “We’re up against some of the best student photojournalists in the nation and we’re not having any problem competing.”

Michael Clubb, co-photo editor and a sophomore, said the awards were “really meaningful and special.”

“I enjoyed not just the awards but also to get those critiques from the judges to really better myself as a photographer,” Clubb said.

Senior Jordan Prather, the Kernel’s other co-photo editor, said “it’s an honor to be considered part of a group of such talented photojournalists.”

Barnes gave special credit to David Stephenson, a journalism professor and Kernel photo adviser, who she said is “there for every panicked photo phone call and pushes us to the next level whether we realize we’re ready or not.”

Stephenson said he’s proud of the Kernel’s photographers who placed well in a very competitive photojournalism state.

“It’s certainly a matter of pride to see how these students have progressed,” Stephenson said.

Here is the full list of awards won by Kernel photographers:

  • Spot News: 2nd- Arden Barnes; 3rd- Barnes.
  • General News: Honorable Mention-Barnes.
  • Sports Action: 1st-Jordan Prather; 2nd– Prather; Honorable Mention-Michael Clubb.
  • Sports Feature: 3rd- Prather; Honorable Mention- Prather.
  • Portrait: 1st- Clubb. 
  • Pictorial: 1st- Clubb; 2nd- Barnes; 3rd- Clubb; Honorable Mention- Breven Walker.
  • Sports essay: 1st- Barnes; 2nd- Clubb; 3rd- Isaac Jensen. 
  • Multimedia: 1st- Barnes 
  • Kentucky Student Photographer of the Year: Runner-up- Barnes.