CSF shut down over social distancing

Haley Simpkins

UK has banned Christian Student Fellowship, one of the most popular student organizations on campus, from hosting events for the remainder of K Week.

CSF is known for its lively K Week kickoff events including free pancakes at midnight, s’mores roasts and the annual luau party. Though this year’s schedule of events had a few changes, CSF had planned a very similar list of events to previous year’s with the minor change to a luau cookout rather than a party.

That plan quickly came to a halt when CSF announced on their Facebook page that UK had placed a ban on CSF events for the second time during this K Week.

CSF originally announced the ban on their Facebook page around 10 p.m. on Saturday, saying all events for the weekend would be cancelled and they would be releasing a statement in the next day or so. That post has since been deleted.

CSF previously released a list of precautions they are planning to take at events this semester including increased cleaning and sanitizing, the installation of touch-free hand sanitizer dispensers, restructured layouts for events to allow for physical distancing, required masks for all staff and volunteers, temperature checks for staff and volunteers, emphasis placed on small group events throughout the semester, served food service with PPE and an online check-in system at all events to help with contact tracing. A complete list of CSF’s COVID-19 guidelines can be found at ukcsf.org/covid.

UK Spokesperson Jay Blanton said the ban came after CSF agreed to end their Luau cookout early on Saturday night after crowds got too large and the administration feared a lack of adherence to COVID-19.

A video posted on Twitter by @hook_rickey shows students crowding around the CSF building.

Following the ban, Blanton said the administration met with the CSF staff.

“University officials had what we hope was productive dialogue with CSF about how critically important it is to have events that strictly adhere to federal, state and university public health standards in place to protect the health, safety and well-being of everyone,” Blanton said.

Blanton said in terms of COVID-19, any students who may have been potentially exposed will be contacted by contact tracers, per university policy.

The Kernel has reached out to CSF for comment.