5 Campus Essentials for College-Bound Students

5 Campus Essentials for College-Bound Students

5 Campus Essentials for College-Bound Students

(StatePoint) College bound this fall? Let this round-up be your guide for a smooth start to the fall semester:

1. Easy reading. Eliminate the need for lugging heavy textbooks between the dorm, the classroom and the library by opting for an eReader. Look for a model offering a large display, tons of storage and a long battery life. Prefer to get studying done on the quad? Be sure to prioritize a glare-free screen.

2. Synced schedules. The right timepiece will help keep scholars on top of classes, club meetings and other appointments. An Edifice Watch from Casio that uses Bluetooth to link to a smartphone, offers minute-by-minute coordination of daily schedules. Its Auto Time Zone feature updates automatically, ensuring timekeeping is accurate, whether students are studying on campus or studying abroad. Also, a featured Schedule Timer links with a smartphone’s calendar and shows appointment start times and end times on the watch display. Wearers can even configure settings to have an alarm sound to alert them of these important reminders.

3. Dorm design. Peel-and-stick wall decals can instantaneously turn a humdrum dorm room into a place that feels like home. From floral and tropical patterns to inspirational messages, they’re easy to apply at the start of the year and easy to remove when it’s over.

4. Crunching numbers. Both those majoring in STEM fields as well as liberal arts students fulfilling key credits need an advanced graphing calculator. Get equipped with one designed for education, like the FX-CG500Prizm. Jam-packed with features, including three-dimensional graphing, programming and a computer algebra system, this non-traditional graphing calculator has a double sized screen for easier number-crunching and concept visualization. USB connectivity offers students the option of dropping their results directly into classwork.

5. Making music. Musicians of all levels need equipment and instruments that are right for campus living. Enter the Casio CDP-S150, a lesson-ready compact digital piano delivering an authentic piano sound and playing feel in a sleek chassis that’s not much bigger than the keys themselves, making it the perfect fit for any dorm room or off-campus apartment. Packed with 10 great sounds and educational features, the CDP-S150 brings music to life. And because it’s equipped with a newly-designed scaled and weighted hammer-action keyboard and has the response of an acoustic grand piano, it’s a solid choice for students who need to rehearse when the piano practice lab is closed.

As you do your back-to-campus shopping, consider tools and products that can help a student begin the fall term with academic confidence and personal style.


Photo Credit: (c) SeanZeroThree / iStock via Getty Images Plus