Great Tech to Help You Make the Most of Summer 2021

Great Tech to Help You Make the Most of Summer 2021

Great Tech to Help You Make the Most of Summer 2021

(StatePoint) This year more than most, people want to go on adventures and enjoy all life has to offer. Use these tech tools to help you explore and enjoy the long summer days:

• Pool party jams: Who says electronics and water don’t mix? Get yourself a set of floating speakers and bring the music directly to you and your friends while you’re in the water. Whether you’re pumping up the jams at a pool party or taking a dip in a lake, speakers that are designed to withstand full immersion can be a game changer for all your water-based recreation.

• Outdoor bound: For outdoor enthusiasts of all levels, great wearable tech can support future undertakings. To that end, consider the timepiece of choice for climbers, hikers, campers and other adventurers: ProTrek, which combines innovative technology and design. Among the models in the line-up is the PRT-B50, a hiking watch with Bluetooth capabilities, enabling data communication with a smartphone. Plus, Quad Sensor technology provides altitude, barometer and temperature measurements, a compass, as well as an accelerometer to track steps. Calculating calories burned by taking both steps and altitude into consideration, this information is recorded by the PRO TREK Connected app. The app also automatically records altitude data and GPS so you can manually plot altitude points using its Route Log feature. And for those wanting that perfect photo opp, the watch acquires latitude and longitude information used to calculate local sunrise and sunset times.

• The world is your workplace: You don’t need to wait until your day off to make the most of the world around you. Expand what the concept of the “remote workplace” means to you. With a pocket-sized travel router, create a safe and secure Wi-Fi hot spot anywhere. Pair it with a good set of noise cancelling headphones that have a high-quality microphone and you’re all set for those on-the-go Zoom meetings too.

• Sounds of summer: Need to practice the piano? There’s no longer a need to be stuck inside during gorgeous summer days. Take a portable, versatile keyboard on adventures through the woods, to the beach or into the park. The lightweight, portable Casiotone CT-S1, for example, includes strap pins so you can tote it along with you on adventures and jam anywhere you see fit. Aside from its 61 full-size keys with touch response, it packs 61 sounds onboard, including a stereo German grand piano. When inspiration strikes, the one-button recorder allows you to capture ideas on the fly. Finally, it features a class-compliant USB-MIDI port for MIDI playback via the free Chordana App. Just add a strap and batteries, and set out for summer fun.

• Road tripping: Become a savvy traveler with The Outbound app. This free app offers up-to-date information on attractions specific to your location, as well as travel tips and stories you can use to plan future trips.

With the right gear, tools and tech, having more adventures and making the most of them is simple.


Photo Credit: (c) monkeybusinessimages / iStock via Getty Images Plus