Rahsaan Lewis could add depth Kentucky needs at wide receiver


Rahsaan Lewis UK Football Training Camp 2021 Photo by Jacob Noger | UK Football

Barkley Truax

Fan Day 2021 answered a lot of questions reporters and fans alike had over the off-season, including who could step up at wide receiver.

Super senior Josh Ali was a one-man show at wide out last year and the addition of Wan’Dale Robinson has fans excited about the prospect of adding depth to Kentucky’s receiving core. But last Saturday showed that it’s more than just a two-deep receiving room in Lexington for this season.

Junior wide receiver Rahsaan Lewis made the two most impressive catches on deep throws by Will Levis and Beau Allen, respectively.

“There are a lot of guys that trust me the same way I trust them,” Lewis said about being the surprise of Fan Day. “I’m just doing my job … At the end of the day I’m just trying to stay locked in, stay focused and do my part for the team.”

But who is Rahsaan Lewis? 

“I’m just a playmaker,” Lewis said. “Whether it’s a deep ball, I’m going to go make a play, whether you give me the ball on a screen or something short, I’m going to always try to make a play.”

While he’s just now showing up on more Kentucky fans’ radars, he’s been doing so when it comes to his coaches and teammates.

“He definitely showed up last Saturday and he’s continuing to do so,” offensive coordinator Liam Coen said. “I’m really happy for (Lewis) and his development over the last few practices.”

“He’s showing up quite a bit,” head coach Mark Stoops said. “You know, that’s a position where we need somebody to show up and make plays, he’s doing that and has been consistent.”

“I just try to stand out anyway I can,” Lewis said about his catches. He’s used to making those catches on 50/50 deep balls, as his vertical is north of 40 inches. 

In his junior year of high school, Lewis played basketball and his vertical maxed out at 45 inches. For reference, Chicago Bulls star Zach Lavine has a 46’ vertical. 

“The kid can jump through the roof,” Coen said of his vertical. He also said that Lewis is a savvy football player who has unbelievable ball skills and has been adapting to the new offense well. 

Lewis said the play calling benefits every player on the offense, where it caters to every skill player on the field, rather than focusing on your “star” players. Everyone gets a chance to make a play.

“A lot of it puts you in a one-on-one matchup,” Lewis said. “If it’s a zone, it puts you in a position to be able to read through the zone. It gives you a lot of opportunities as a player.”

His father, legendary NFL Hall of Famer Ray Lewis was impressed with his performance at Fan Day as well, telling him to keep working and stay focused. He told Lewis those catches were just one play, so go make another and stay positive through the good days and the bad ones. 

Even though he’s made a name for himself prior to the season starting, there are still several players, including Ali, Robinson, DeMarcus Harris, Tae Tae Crumes, Dekel Crowdus and others who would love to be in his spot at the start of the season.

“I don’t mind the competition,” Lewis said. “I love them guys; I trust them and they trust me … we’re all fighting for the same position and whoever has it, has it. When your name’s called, you have to make a play.”