Letter from the editor: The Kernel is committed to the truth

Rayleigh Deaton

I never thought I’d be here.

As I type out these words on my laptop, sitting at my desk in the Kentucky Kernel office in McVey Hall, I’m amazed and humbled at the opportunity that I have been given.

I get to be the next in a dynasty of extraordinary individuals who have edited this paper for over 100 years.

I first heard about the Kernel in Professor Jennifer Smith’s Journalism 101 class during my freshman year. She told the class that she had been editor-in-chief during her time at UK, and I remember first thinking, “Wow, being editor of the Kernel would be incredible!” followed quickly by, “I could never do that, that’s crazy. Stick to more realistic dreams, like not getting lost while walking across campus.”

I am proud to say that both of those dreams, realistic or not, have come true for me. Rayleigh Deaton now not only runs the Kernel newsroom, but she can also give directions for how to get there.

Being editor-in-chief of the Kentucky Kernel in any year is exciting and just a bit intimidating, much less being editor-in-chief of the Kentucky Kernel in 2021.

Last year, the staff met exclusively online due to a small little worldwide pandemic, but the Kernel still produced articles, photos and content through it all — a testament to the people on that staff and their dedication to the paper.

I have the chance to lead a staff of exceptionally talented individuals who love print as much as I do as we work together to produce quality journalism, inform the public and speak the truth. It is an honor I do not take lightly, and I hope that my tenure as editor preserves the Kernel’s legacy for the future.

We are entering a semester full of uncertainty and unanswered questions, but I can offer one point of security: in the midst of pandemics, societal changes and lawsuits, the Kentucky Kernel will continue writing the truth for the Lexington community. 

It is my honor and privilege to lead the Kernel this year, and I want to thank my staff for their support, hard work and commitment. Together, I know we can do great things, and I’m so thankful to be along for the ride. 

I am committed to the Kentucky Kernel, to my staff and to the Lexington community. No matter what the future holds, the Kernel will be there, bringing the truth.