Mechanical fire breaks out in UK Singletary Center


UK emergency officials responded to a fire that started in a mechanical room of the Singletary Center for the Arts early Thursday evening.

UK spokesperson Jay Blanton said UK received the report shortly after 5 p.m. on Thursday, and no injuries or significant damages have been reported. 

Officials tried to clear out smoke so that a UK Lab Band concert planned for 7:30 p.m. could continue in the center as scheduled. However, the concert ended up being cancelled. Adam Schoedinger, who directed members of the Lab Band as they picked up their instruments, witnessed the fire.

“Some of our clients noticed a smell, and then a little bit after five was when we noticed smoke and pulled the fire alarm,” Schoedinger said. “We got everyone out within a few minutes, and at that point, you were only just starting to actually see smoke in the hallways.”

Schoedinger said the fire was put down “very quickly,” and he predicts that this fire will not affect the Singletary Center’s operations.

“You can tell everything has really died down,” he said. “We’ve got to let people in and stay with them so that they stay in the areas where there isn’t any remaining smoke.”