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The new religion of manifestation and attraction may be more powerful than we think

Illustration by Akhila Nadimpalli

Is manifestation all within the realms of witches and warlocks, or is it a tool to be used in your everyday life?

Are people using manifestation in place of a religion, or is it in the same category as tarot cards and psychic readings?

TikTok users seem to subscribe to the latter.

I have seen some talk about leaning into this new way of spirituality with manifestation and the law of attraction. Instead of believing in a god, these people lean toward trusting the universe instead.

So, let’s get into what manifestation and the law of attraction really is.

In an article from Verywell Mind, author and wellness coach Elizabeth Scott said, “The law of attraction is a philosophy suggesting that positive thoughts bring positive results into a person’s life … this ‘law’ applies to all areas of life including health, finances, and relationships.”

Manifestation is essentially another limb to the law of attraction because in order to see these goals, you have to manifest these wants into your own life.

People can use these manifestations to become more confident, attract money into their lives and simply have a better outlook. For example, if one wants to manifest abundance and good fortune, they might repeat to themselves throughout the day that they are always in abundance of good things in their life and that they are always in good fortune. Essentially, by saying these self-affirming phrases, one has the power to create their own story, not simply let destiny decide for them.

In order to manifest, psychic mediums and other philosophers say you must imagine your life as if you already have all these blessings that you want. You have to visualize your goals and act as if you already have them — or “fake it until you make it.”

While some people say that manifestation is crazy, I really don’t think that it is that far-fetched. Our mind can be a powerful tool, and our brains are a very complex organ that neuroscientists are still studying today.

Being a journalist, I’m naturally a skeptic and had to try this manifestation technique out for myself.

Over the past three months, I have taken the advice of many researchers and manifestation coaches online and did my own self-affirmations every day and journaled what I wanted my life goals to be.

In my experience, it worked. I feel more confident. I feel that I am capable of all my goals, and I feel like my life is finally on the up and up. So, as crazy as it sounds, I think everyone should try this technique and see if it works for them.

After my experience, I believe your mindset and your outlook on life has an effect on the experiences in your life.

Once I started believing that I could manifest my dreams and what I wanted, they seemed more within my grasp; this whole manifestation technique didn’t seem as crazy as it did before. I encourage the skeptics like myself to test it out and see if it works.

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