Belushi Speed Ball: A must-see local act

Grace Medley, Reporter

Whether they’re playing cornhole with ravioli bags or showering a skatepark with foam cannons, Louisville’s Belushi Speed Ball knows how to put on a show.

If you’ve never had the pleasure of seeing Belushi Speed Ball, you’re missing out.

Based in Louisville, Kentucky, the self-described “crossover thrash metal” band is a staple of the city’s DIY scene. A city’s DIY music scene refers to local underground bands and artists. These bands are usually punk, but can and do include other alternative music genres.

The band’s 2022 album “What Us, Worry?” packs a punch with each song. Consisting of guitar heavy, uptempo tracks like “Ripping off Municipal Waste” and “Super Saiyan Vegeta Is a Good Dad,” you can’t help but jump around.

One thing this band knows how to do is have fun. They’re notorious for trashing every venue they perform at. They reference this in their track “Captain Planet Can’t Stop US” singing “We’re gonna destroy your venue.” It wouldn’t be a Belushi show if you don’t leave absolutely exhausted and soaked with sweat, and whatever miscellaneous objects were thrown during the course of the show.

Belushi Speed Ball is unabashedly against the grain and proud of it. They sing what they want and perform how they want. That attitude is part of the band’s allure – they don’t subscribe to the norm in any sense of the phrase.

Nothing is ever too serious for Belushi, which is evident through their social media presence. Their 2021 album “Stella 1 and Stella 2” features a track titled “We Aren’t Thrashers, We Are Hipster Posers.” The song references a commenter calling the band “hipster posers.” The band takes negativity in stride, regularly turning insults into jokes and making them their own.

In September 2021 the band performed at No Comply Night, a local DIY festival at the Dave Armstrong Extreme Skate Park featuring bands near or from the Louisville area. This was the first time I had the pleasure of seeing them live – and they put on a show I’ll never forget. There was crowd-surfing, toilet paper flying and moshing in a crowd full of people.

Belushi also performed at the second No Comply in July of 2022. They themed their set after “Indiana Jones,” rolling a large inflatable ball through the park as their set started. The band also threw foam snakes into the crowd – one of which I still have.

Not only does the band have a stage presence that’s larger-than-life, they also help document sets for other local bands. One of the band’s vocalists, who goes by the stage name Señor Diablo, uploads sets from around town onto his YouTube channel. Even if the band itself isn’t performing, Señor Diablo will most likely be there to record the sets.

Through uplifting and supporting other local bands, putting on shows that are beyond entertaining and creating music that compels you to headbang – Belushi Speedball has cemented their status as a local gem.

While this band may be off-kilter for some, they are definitely worth checking out if you’re into the DIY scene, thrash metal or just having a good time.

You can check out Belushi Speedball through Apple Music, Spotify or their Bandcamp. The band also posts updates regularly on their social media outlets.