‘Blue’ book now on sale



UK fans can now relive their favorite moments of the UK men’s basketball team one page at a time.

The Kernel has released “Blue is Back,” a book to commemorate the 2009-10 season that saw the resurgence of Big Blue pride in Kentucky.

“Blue is Back” is a compilation of season flashbacks, with abbreviated versions of articles about each game, photos of the most memorable moments and news stories that accompanied the cultural and economic impact the Cats had on the community. Kernel staff reporters and photographers created the content.

Kernel assistant design editor Lauren Frame worked on the layout for the book since February and said it is a surreal experience now that it is done and she can share it with campus.

“I can’t believe it’s a real book,” she said. “It was a great experience and a wonderful way to end my Kernel career. I’m glad we were able to put this together so everyone can remember this historic season.”

From the John Wall Dance to the DeMarcus Cousins “call me” moment, UK fans now have a piece of memorabilia to cherish the unforgettable season, said Kernel editor in chief Kenny Colston.

“I’m extremely proud of what this staff has accomplished with this book,” Colston said. “The quality of this book is second to none and it’s a great way for people to forever remember John Calipari’s first year as head coach.”