Fingerpainting helps UK fight violence



by Taylor Spaw

UK’s Violence Intervention and Prevention Center is using art to tackle the issue of violence.

The VIP Center will host mess-free finger painting on Wednesday, Sept. 29.

Touch drawing consists of a Plexiglas board, ink and no mess.

Becky Hill, an advocate for VIP, said touch painting can help address the sensitive issue of violence.

“Touch drawing is a way for people to connect with the issue, in a less intimidating, more comfortable way,” Hill said.

The workshop will start with a little music and a few prompts, then the creativity will flow.

“It’s not about pretty art, but a chance to get whatever is going on in your body out on to paper,” Hill said.

“Touch drawing is a way for people to go on their own journey through free art.”

VIP center’s mission is to eliminate “power based personal violence” and to help with counseling for violence victims. The center hosts several workshops and training sessions throughout the year, including Wednesday’s event, Touch Drawing.

The VIP Center has spread its Green Dot Program across 26 states. Becky Hill, advocate and social worker for VIP, describes the center as “Innovative, using art as a way to support people.”

The VIP Center has several programs this semester, including a clothesline project, photo journal workshop, and “Wreck This Journal.”

“Each activity is meant to let people be themselves and release through art and creativity,” Hill said.

“Anyone can be a part; you don’t have to be an art major to be good at Touch Drawing.”