Mock interviews prepare students for the real thing

By Gabrielle Dudgeon

The first impression is the lasting one, and an interview often determines whether one is hired or forgotten.

The James W. Stuckert Career Center has partnered up with UPS, Fifth Third, Target and many other employers to hold mock interviews.

More than a few students are ready to take that giant leap into the real world. For library science graduate student Amy Retucci, the search for jobs and interview processes has already begun.

“This opportunity allows not only invaluable practice, but a chance to develop skills that can help you later in life,” Retucci said.

Even if just beginning a career at UK, a jumpstart can lead one in the right direction.

English freshman Kaylin Oldham said working on her interview skills allows her to start thinking more seriously about her future.

“I definitely plan to attend,” Oldham said. “The interviewing process can be a little intimidating at first.”

Nerves and fears can leave one hesitant when placed on the spot at that first interview. Using the mock interviews can help students work on the skills to keep their cool.

“I was nervous in my first interview,” Retucci said. “I think I was just lacking practice.”

Since interview skills are such a basic necessity in today’s job searches, all majors are welcome to attend.

Brittney De Jaco, a journalism sophomore, is finding time in her busy schedule to expand her interview techniques as an investment in her future.

“Interviews can be stressful,” De Jaco said. “I like to plan ahead, and I plan to do everything I can to ensure a positive future for searching for a job.”

The future is imminent. Every year of college is one step closer to entering that imperative interview.

“You can never do too much to aid your future to success,” Oldham said. “I want to have no regrets when I’m sitting in that interviewer’s chair when it counts.”

The interviews will take place Wednesday at the Career Center between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. Students can secure a spot online at Wildcat Career Link.

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