Jarrod Polson, aka Justin Bieber

Josh Harrellson was stretching on the floor of UK’s practice gym as the media entered for player interviews. He saw Jarrod Polson was going to be available for the interviews and gave some suggestions for questions:

“Ask Bieber why he didn’t win any Grammys last night,” Harrellson said.

That was in reference to Vanderbilt students chanting “Justin Bieber” at Polson during Saturday’s game. Yes, Polson heard it.

“I actually did, yeah,” Polson said. “My teammates were joking around with me after the game.”

Although he hadn’t heard that particular name directed at him before, the comparisons to those types of musicians have come up before.

“I’ve heard it before — unfortunately,” Polson said. “It works for me.”

Polson scored zero points against Vanderbilt and Bieber scored zero Grammy awards, if you were keeping score.