Letter To The Editor

As a student at UK, I was appalled and completely disgusted by the display outside of Whitehall on Wednesday, April 6, 2011.

I found the pictures terribly inappropriate and distasteful and the message conveyed completely lacking class.

I understand that the intent behind the display was to shock, but what shocked me the most was that this group was granted permission to post these pictures and messages, which were frankly incorrect, not only in a main part of campus, but in the middle of several class room buildings.

These photos and the inaccurate medical information were posted in plain, unavoidable, sight of students on their way to class, whether they wanted to see them or not. They were disrupting and distracting during my studies that day.

When I spoke to other students about why this group was granted permission for their location, it came to my attention that, according to the university, this completely tasteless display, was NOT considered a “demonstration” and was therefore able to set up in the heart of campus.

Every person I talked to considered it a demonstration of some sort. It leads one to wonder what the university’s agenda was when that judgment call was made.

One of the several things that concerned me with this blatant, gruesome display, was that as I walked around campus, I noticed several tour groups full of potential Wildcats and their families. As disturbing as those photos were to college students, it is unacceptable for those photos to be displayed while the university is being shown for future students.

It is completely unacceptable for an institution such as the University of Kentucky to allow that kind of blatant misinformation to be spread and to bend university policy for such displays.