UK vs. Morehouse: 3 things we learned

Three things we learned from UK’s 125-40 win over Morehouse.

1. UK delivered a mind-meltingly good performance in the first half. It’s almost impossible to describe how much of a thrashing UK administered. It opened up a 35-point lead within the first 10 minutes and didn’t allow Morehouse to score 10 (10!) points until the 1:37 mark. UK had a 74-13 halftime lead. Tennessee’s beat writer ended up just talking about this game because of the absurdity of it. Jarrod Polson played five minutes in the first half. UK hit 100 points with 11:32 left in the game. And it won by 85 points.

2. The opening minutes showed UK at its theoretical best. UK attacked on both ends of the court. Its first 10 shots were all made and were all layups or dunks. The full-court press was stifling. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist gave an instant boost to the offense from the outset. Usually, it’s best to take good performances in exhibitions with a grain of salt. That doesn’t apply that much this time. No, UK won’t beat teams by 80-plus points (although I’m oddly not 100 percent confident saying that now). But UK did show just how insanely good it has the potential to be.

3. UK will crush more than one team’s soul this season.