Coles 735 Main keeps it comfortably classly


Sign outside of the restaurant located on East Main and South Ashland

Skye Miller

The building that sits on the corner of East Main and South Ashland has long been a Lexington landmark. Built in 1938, what was originally known as The Stirrup Cub, is now the popular restaurant, Coles 735 Main.

Delicious and affordable, Coles 735 Main is a one and only local restaurant that has been in Lexington since April 2012. According to the website, Executive Chef Cole Arimes, a Lexington native and Centre College graduate, wanted to bring international flavors to Lexington with classic yet bold dishes.

Coles 735 Main is known for its steak and seafood variety, while also having a menu that changes seasonally. The food is generally locally sourced, with food coming from Creation Gardens, Marksbury Farm and Kentucky Gold Farm.

“Coles is a classier place, but has a laid back feel and many of our returning customers always say they feel at home while dining with us,” said Assistant Head Chef Harry Ginsberg.

Ginsberg is the Former Chef at Tony’s and said Coles provides a unique environment both as a staff member and a guest.

“What I enjoy most about working at Coles is the creative freedom, we’re always able to be creative in the kitchen. It’s always up to us to make the menu items and specials. Most restaurants chefs have to work around guidelines and a specific menu all the time,” Ginsberg said.

Former waiter, Jordan Woodrum, and current waiter, John Lann, said Coles is welcoming. They said the small staff works together to satisfy their customers and keep them returning.

“The Atmosphere seems to attract people the most,” Lann said. “The restaurant is small and very relaxing.”  

Woodrum was a full time waiter at Coles for a little more than two and half a years and made friends with several of his returning customers.

“My favorite part about working at Coles was the family atmosphere, and given the small staff, to produce such high quality food was amazing,” Woodrum said. “We were just so good at what we did and because … we had multiple returning customers every day.”

On a recent night at Coles, customers flooded in and out full bellied and happy, with steak being the dish of the night.

“I always order the 8oz barrel cut filet,” customer Austin Marksbury said, “It was cooked perfectly as always, I have never had to send a steak back and I certainly don’t expect to.”