A Brew columnist’s goodbye, good to the last drop

Adam Pennavaria, Beer Columnist

Adam Pennavaria

It appears that this columnist’s tour as the Kentucky Kernel beer writer has come to an end. It’s been a doozy, no question about that. But this has been an incredible year of learning about brewing and the Lexington beer culture. Our five breweries have been a second home, both on the job and during spare time. This column is a tribute to them and the phenomenal experience that has been this series.

Thank you to Country Boy for pumping out the most exotic combinations of ingredients to touch a taste bud. One could saunter in to the (usually crowded) taproom to enjoy a few cold pints and return a week later to a brand new list of taps to fall in love with all over again. The brewery’s atmosphere and rapidly alternating selection are second to none.

Thank you to West Sixth for being so welcoming and for pioneering local partnerships with sustainable businesses and nonprofits. One earlier column was a review of the brewery’s tour, which is absolutely stellar, which led to an ongoing friendship between this writer and the tour guide. In addition to an outstanding staff of bartenders, West Sixth continues to expand its good will to the West Sixth Street neighborhood, and to Lexington in general.

Thank you to Ethereal for always providing my mouth with the unexpected. Each of their magically brewed beverages is wittily titled and incredibly pleasurable to say the least. It’s impossible to count the dart games, the flights and the amount of time spent toying with the complex profiles of each beer in their arsenal. Their enormous facility in the Distillery District shows nothing but promise in the years to come. Never stop blurring the line between magic and science.

Thank you to Blue Stallion for staying as true as possible to your roots and serving the purest German ales in the Commonwealth. Blue Stallion’s commitment to traditional brewing has paid off by giving them an untapped niche in Lexington.

This, combined with their unique high counters, gleaming bronze brewing tanks and pet-friendly setting have made it truly stand out in the world of beer.

Thank you to Alltech Brewing for serving up bourbon barrel aged brews by the metric ton. The brewery’s emblematic horse head logo and distinct bourbon flavor to nearly every beer is a true testament to brewing culture in the Bluegrass.

While they’re not a brewery in every sense of the word, simply because another one of their main exports is Town Branch bourbon, they still hold a valuable place in the Lexington beer circuit.

Thank you to all the people who have supported the column, provided suggestions or even just liked the post. The encouragement that has followed this series over the year is truly heartwarming.

Finally, thank you to former Kernel Editor-in-Chief Will Wright for suggesting that the beer column become a regular piece. What started as a tipsy brainstorm on the Country Boy patio has led to one incredible series that should continue long after this year ends.

With that, if you happen to be interested in being the next beer columnist, contact the Kernel or me as soon as possible! Applicant must be 21 and must not consume Bud Lite, Corona, Busch, Old Milwaukee’s Best, Michelob Ultra or Stella Artois more than twice a month.


Adam Pennavaria is the former beer columnist of the Kentucky Kernel.

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