Unpopular Opinion: College is not the best years of your life– Don’t believe the hype, get out as fast as you can

Kelsey Mattingly

College is supposed to be the best four (or five-ish) years of your life, filled with memories and friendships to last a lifetime. The popular opinion is that everyone should spend as much time as they can living the college dream and avoid the reality of adulthood. But the truth is, adulthood is where the fun is at.

For starters, college is notorious for draining your funds. Tuition, room and board, books and a social life all start to add up when it’s continuous for four or more years. The best solution is to get out as quickly as possible and avoid the buildup of debt. Is college fun? Yes. But what is more fun is actually having money to fund your lavish excursions (i.e. a meal that is not Ramen Noodles).

For the most part, the adults that college students become are ones with decent paying jobs. That means even though you will have adult responsibilities like paying for insurance and cleaning up after yourself, you also have money to do fun adult things. Gone are the days of Natural Lite and Andre champagne. Graduating early and becoming an adult means you get an upgrade to craft beer and Cook’s.

Being an adult is also not as bad as it sounds because nobody knows how to have a good time quite like they do. Grownups these days are throwing better parties than Fiji Islander, which sounds borderline impossible, but it’s true. With the money your big kid job provides, your gatherings will go from the swaggiest in town to the swankiest.

Don’t believe the hype when you hear adults telling you to stay in college as long as you can. Their agenda is to have less adults who are younger and more hip than they are competing for their jobs and party planning skills. So do what you have always done and stop listening to your parents’ advice when they tell you to stay in college forever. Save yourself some money, graduate a semester or two early and get out in the real world.

The point is, in college you will experience some of the best days of your life. But who are you kidding? Getting done with 8:00 a.m. finals and group projects as quickly as you possibly can is the smartest thing you will ever do. The best years of your life are right around the corner. Grab your diploma and run.