Players not letting the 30-year streak get to their heads


Kentucky defensive end Denzil Ware rushes to the end zone after sacking the quarterback during the Wildcat’s game against the Southern Miss Golden Eagles at Commonwealth Stadium on Sept. 2, 2016 in Lexington, Kentucky.

It has been 30 years since Kentucky football beat the Florida Gators, and the players know it.

However, they’re not letting a 30-year streak get to their heads. Instead, defensive end Denzil Ware said he only thinks about what Florida has done to him during his time at Kentucky.

“I only been here for four years, I got to worry about how many times I’ve lost to them in the four years I done been here,” Ware said. ”… We don’t care about no 30-year streak or none of that. 

No player on the roster can say they’ve beaten Florida, but they’ll look to change that on Sept. 23 when the Gators visit Kroger Field. 

If the Cats do pull of the historic win, it’ll likely have an impact that will affect the entire community. 

“If we get this win, everybody around here happy, the stands will be happy, we getting smiles while we going to CATS around other athletes,” Ware said.

If the Cats beat the Gators, it’ll also make a huge impact on the program that’s been looking to shake this lengthy losing streak for years.

Ending the losing streak would be the main headlines that would come away from a Kentucky win, but for defensive back Derrick Baity, it’s just another chance to keep Kentucky’s perfect record.

“Playing Florida to me just means another chance to be 4-0, that’s all it means to me,” Baity said.

Different mentality heading into Florida game this year

In last year’s contest, the Cats got crushed by the Gators in a lopsided 45-7 loss.

Many things went wrong in that game, but the main error Baity noticed was a weak mentality. 

Fast forward to now, Baity doesn’t see that mentality in practices anymore. 

“This is a different team, different players, we’re all in, compared to last year we weren’t all in,” Baity said.

Not many picked Kentucky to win last year, but this year there is a growing belief that the Cats have a shot at upsetting the Gators.

The opening betting line has shrunk from -4 for Florida to -2. Many analysts around the country also recognize the potential in Kentucky’s team, and believe they’ll pull off the upset. 

However, the outside media aren’t the only people believing the Cats could win, as that same belief is present within the Cats team.

“We were hoping to beat them last year, and now we feel like were capable of beating them this year,” Baity said.