UNC’s academic scandal might be the beginning of something terrible for NCAA programs

A little over a week ago, the NCAA announced their punishments for University of North Carolina’s athletics program. The UNC Tar Heels were in a predicament after many athletes took “easy” classes so they could pass and play. Not only this was a long time ago, but the NCAA also changed staff during this time.

All in all, the North Carolina Tar Heels were ruled as being OK due to the fact the courses were opened to all students. This seems logical, but the NCAA just set a precedent that might not look bad on some easy classes but might look bad in other cases.

After the ruling on the same Friday as Big Blue Madness, many reporters came out and announced their distraught look on the case and wondered why we have to wait this long for it to come back clean. As Kentucky fans, we can see how this precedent might affect us.

Drew Franklin from Kentucky Sports Radio on the daily radio show came out with comedy on this issue. His comparison to the Louisville scandal coming as sarcastically suggested that they should’ve opened those sex parties for every student on campus. With the ruling the NCAA made in North Carolina, this would not be a NCAA violation and Louisville would only see one scandal on their plate and not two.

We all know he was funny and all, but he’s right. With what the NCAA just opened up the floodgates floor is not good. Now, would schools open easy classes? Will Duke and Kentucky follow suit? Not really, but seeing this is a viable option not only hurts the athlete’s student success, but it also hurts the school as well.

After all, this went down, many alumni from North Carolina were not quiet about this scandal. Many were furious knowing that their degree regardless of major they were being tainted to make it easier on the student athletes.

Not only us as Kentucky fans want to see the despise of North Carolina after Luke Maye ended our Final Four dreams, but Louisville fans were also furious on the fact that they might get hit hard and UNC didn’t. Now, I am not comparing an academic scandal to a sex scandal, but both should be punished.

While going through social media and talking to Louisville fans, I see them being furious because of all road kind of lead to their end. They believe this is ridiculous on the fact that a blue blood got away with academic fraud and this represents what the blue bloods (Kentucky, Duke, North Carolina, UCLA and Kansas) mean to the NCAA.

While many thought it was the end of all academic scandals, this might be the beginning of something terrible. OK, they can play their sport and make money for their university, but the term “student athlete” is dwindling down and might not exist in the NCAA.