November is jam-packed with upcoming game releases



The past few weeks have been an exciting in the world of gaming, with many developments leading to a midgen refreshalong with other revolutions in PC gaming.

First and foremost, many console gamers are drooling or scoffing at the latest mid-gen refresh with the recently released Xbox One X and the more dated PS4 Pro. These are the first consoles to render in 4K, even though the PS4 Pro doesn’t render in true native 4K, it is still a very exciting step forward in gaming.

One of the biggest aspects of gaming that can be considered a milestone is graphics. The gaming industry is constantly trying to push the letter in the way of graphics, and this is always how people have kind of gaged the progression of the gaming industry and now games are looking more real than ever.

With new methods of putting actors into video games and making characters more relatable and look more real to the 4K innovations, it’s starting look better than real life.

I have apprehensions about this because to fully get the 4K you also need a 4K TV, which are ridiculously expensive and with the midgen refresh having such a hefty price tags, it doesn’t really seem worth it to me, unless you have quite a bit of disposable income.

With these advancements in games games are becoming bigger and taking up more space. In 2010 it was common for games to be up to 15 GB, and now in this generation of consoles, we are getting games up to 100 GB. My biggest wonder is if internet service providers will be able to keep up with these huge file sizes or will it take you a week to download your new game bought on release day.

For gaming, November is always a jam-packed month being directly before the holidays. There are quite a few exciting titles released and releasing this month.

First off, “Call of Duty: WWII” is really shaking up the game and is being said by many critics as a refreshing addition to the Call of Duty franchise. I’ve played the Zombies for about seven hours, and I really like it as a long time fan of the Call of Duty zombies game mode. It is refreshing to agree with the main response to the game.

I think “SledgeHammer” did an excellent job of making the game mode their own but also harkening back to the roots of how zombies started for the long standing fans of the game mode. It is a little easy but extremely fun. Also, the lead designer of the Dead Space series has been part of the development team and you can really see his work at play in the tone of the gameplay.

“Super Mario: Odyssey” had been rocking the market receiving a 10/10 at IGN and a 98 percent on metacritic. It is only adding to Nintendo’s slam dunk of the year. It is credited with completely reinventing the wheel and making a new refreshing take on Mario games.

The third refreshing title to a tired formula of a franchise is the new “Assassin’s Creed: Origins,” which is the first in the franchise in years to really change up the formula and do something different, which is something Assassin’s Creed really needed. For years, the industry was oversaturated with Creed games and I am happy to see a major change in this once beloved franchise.

I am also very excited for “Star Wars: Battlefront II” to be released in the coming weeks. The first one was fun, new and a refreshing take on the Star Wars video game universe, but it suffered from a severe lack of content. “Battlefront II” has a campaign with what looks like a decent story which will hopefully add to the vastly reduced canonized universe. It also has absolutely gorgeous graphics, and from what I played in the beta, has much improved gameplay.

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