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We should stop calling  people’s tastes ‘basic’

We should stop calling people’s tastes ‘basic’

In our transition from adolescence to adulthood, our generation has been guilty of placing more importance on social identity than previous generations. In fact, it is a trend that by my observation has been increasing, and will continue to increase, over time.

Marvel, DC comic series can be overwhelming

s the child of a megageek, I have grown up around superheroes. Giant, glossy-paged Marvel and DC character guides are lined up with mythology collections and anthologies on my parents’ bookshelves.

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Discussion should be encouraged

Can you remember specific conversations within the past couple years that were longer, deeper and more meaningful than most?

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In the Oct. 7 issue of the Kentucky Kernel, Cheyene Miller opined that a famous Thomas Jefferson quote was wrong, because it presumed citizens are always better than their governments. My response to this is that people are more important than the government. One cannot exist without the other. Furthermore, the founding fathers recognized that […]

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For seemingly the 100th time, the Pope Francis regime has shocked the world with a statement considered enormously progressive for the top dogs at the Catholic Church. Roman Catholic bishops in the Vatican released a document on Monday that demonstrated language hinting at acceptance of same-sex partnerships in the Catholic Church, saying that they have […]

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DC superhero shirts highlight sexism in the comic world

Basically, instead of choosing to market to young women and girls using any of the female superheroes or villains in all of the DC universe, the marketing crew chose to play into the idea that the only way women can be involved in comics is as a romantic counterpart.

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U.S. should value free speech

For the past two weeks, protesters in Hong Kong have been protesting a plan that would limit their democracy.

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Citizens aren’t always better than their government

One of the more famous bits of conventional wisdom was spoken by Thomas Jefferson, and it reads, “When the government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.”

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‘Gone Girl’ lazy in its plot twists,  but succeeds with director’s style

(Fincher’s) narrative in “Gone Girl” simply bobs along for the first hour and a half of the film, and just as you become restless, it serves you plot twists to fend off disinterest.

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We should encourage public discourse in higher thinking

It’s easy to see how some people conclude that we only converse about trivial issues and fail to be concerned with anything that could be considered intellectual.

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