Jenner’s #IAmMoreThan shows students their worth

Paidin Dermody
Contributing Columnist

The Kardashians are constantly popping up in the media for some new scandal, whether it be a break-up or a self-altering surgery. The youngest sister of the Kardashian clan, Kylie Jenner, is no exception. Recently being in the news for her lip injections and her split with rapper, Tyga, Kylie has taken the world by […]

The Pleasure Principle: Ladies, put your acting skills to rest

Ever wonder if your partner is faking that mind-blowing orgasm, or if you’re really as good as you think? Before you assume the answer is, yes consider this:

According to Dr. Sandra Caron 69 percent of college women have admitted to faking an orgasm. While only 28 percent of college men admit to having faked an orgasm.

Editorial: Ford investment will give new economic opportunities to students

On the bright side, a recent $9 billion investment to Ford plants in the U.S. will help students interested in co-ops and internships get the real world experience needed to make that transition.

Editorial: Calls for Herald-Leader cartoonist to be fired are ridiculous

Part of publishing editorial cartoons is to make a powerful statement that gets the reader’s attention without them having to put in an excessive amount of thought. Few in the editorial cartoon game are better at this than Joel Pett, the Pulitzer-winning cartoonist of the Lexington Herald-Leader.