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LTE: Preventative aid needed

(The U.S. spends) a large amount of money on military spending to prevent unrest and promote stability. However, appropriate preventative measures are not being taken.

Female characters underrepresented in TV

While I approve in many ways of the increasingly diverse and realistic portrayals of female characters in television and movies, a few recent studies have indicated that the overall amount of female representation decreased in the last year.

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Modern TV shows embrace the popular anti-hero

Television provides a perfect escape, one we can enjoy on a daily basis if we choose. We love the interesting plots, we love the intelligent dialogue, but most of all we love the characters.

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Street preachers should listen to what they try to convey

As a native Californian, the idea of “Bible Belt Christianity” was something I had only heard rumors about when I came to Kentucky last year.

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Net neutrality in jeopardy

If net neutrality is ended, your cable company could slow down your Netflix stream so that it is constantly buffering, and make you pay more to speed it back up. This was the case for a brief time, and Netflix revealed that they were losing customers because Comcast had slowed them down.

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Fox’s ‘Gotham’ full of promising characters

“Gotham,” which is pitched as a prequel to the Batman storylines we all presumably know, will follow Ben McKenzie’s Jim Gordon in his first years as part of the Gotham police department.

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50 Shades series fosters an open mind

I’m a 20-year-old male who is actually excited for the movie release of “50 Shades of Grey.”

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LTE: Premise of photo leak column is misguided

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Mr. Arensdorf’s column perfectly demonstrated how misguided some people can be. Just like the leaked photos, I hope you can avoid his column.

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Photo leaks are easily avoidable

Amidst the various tirades about the nude photo scandal, I was left asking one question: Why take nude photos of yourself with a cell phone in the first place?

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ISIS does not reflect true Islam

After hearing other students refer to members of ISIS as “typical Muslims,” or comment that Muslims just want all Christians to die, it is time for a dose of reality.

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