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Letter to the Editor: Constitution Day more than what was covered

As I followed news coverage of Constitution Week at UK ’14, a raspy voice from nearly 35 years ago came back to me.

Continuing Resolution  quietly passed in Congress

Elections are just a few weeks away, which means until early November, Congress will pretend that they care about ordinary people like you and me.

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One man in the U.S. had the power to put the executives who were the architects of the crash behind bars.

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Blazer Cafe has morphed into Blazer Cafeteria

When you walk into Blazer Cafe, nothing has changed on the surface. But the atmosphere is different. The energy is sapped from the room. It’s not the same that it was even four months ago.

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‘Strong Female Protagonist’ focuses on anything but

If you’re not following a little webcomic called “Strong Female Protagonist,” you really should be.

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Film festivals are vital to year’s best movies

Around this time each year, we get a pretty good peek at what the Oscar landscape is going to look like going into the season.

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Regulation can benefit society and the economy

Government regulation — it’s a phrase many Americans hate even more than “gun control” or “liberal elite.”

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UK’s tobacco ban should not include smokeless tobacco

Five months ago I wrote a column on the contradiction between UK’s proclamation as a tobacco free campus and the reality of frequent encounters with smoke clouds. Debate in the comments section on the justification for the ban ensued, and it got me thinking — what are the reasons for the tobacco free initiative?

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Free speech is ugly at times, as in this case, but it is to be vehemently protected, not self-righteously dismissed.

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LTE: Preventative aid needed

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(The U.S. spends) a large amount of money on military spending to prevent unrest and promote stability. However, appropriate preventative measures are not being taken.

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