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Do your research: Women help medicine

Men and women are different. Why? Because our culture socially distinguishes between the two common sexes: male and female. And males and females are biologically different in many ways you can research on your own time.

Despite signage, UK is not a tobacco free campus

Travel around UK’s campus and observe. Would you consider it to be a tobacco-free campus? The label “tobacco-free campus” is superficial; at best, we are a tobacco-reduced campus.

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Students need options for smoking on campus, not an absolute policy

It has been four years since the policy was put in place. There are signs all over campus and it is in every student’s handbook — people just don’t care.

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America needs to find middle ground on gun control issue

One of the founding principles of our country is the right to bear arms. The second amendment of our constitution guarantees us this right (depending on how you interpret it). Americans are allowed to purchase guns, keep them in their homes and carry them when they go out in public. This liberty is as old as the country itself, but it is a freedom that comes at a price.

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Feminism is holding back medical research

The differences between men and women are becoming an elephant in the room in the medical community and few people are willing to talk about it. But the facts are clear; our bodies are vastly different and treating us the same could hold back medical research.

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‘America’ is packed with action

The “Aquaman” of the Marvel Universe, Captain America, gets his second feature film. With half the strength of The Hulk and Thor, Captain America keeps up with his Marvel counterparts with his boy scout-like leadership intangibles. Oh yeah, and a shield.

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Half the population should have half of media representation

Last time I checked, women comprised half the population but hold only 30 percent of all speaking roles.

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Remembering lost faces of the Big Blue family

When we experience loss, it reminds us how important the ties we have are. In good times and bad, it is important to work toward ever-stronger ties with those around us.

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Street celebrations unite students

Outsiders look down on the partying because of the violent and promiscuous behavior that gets all of the publicity, but they fail to acknowledge the positive aspects. Amidst all of the debauchery following UK’s basketball successes, students found unity.

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Personal matters should not always lead to political scandals

When it comes to political scandals, there is nothing the American public loves more than one involving a politician’s personal life.

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