Voters should focus on fighting intolerance

Marjorie Kirk, Assistant Opinions Editor

With the beginning of campaign season underway, this is the time to bring our concerns to the forefront of society’s, and the government’s, attention. The economy, immigration and gun control are the standard topics of debate, but one issue that sadly lacks representation is education. Education reform and funding is neglected primarily because those who […]

Benefit of the doubt is gone for American police

Matt Young
Contributing Columnist

In the United States at least 5,600 people have been killed by police officers in the last 15 years. This might even be a low ball estimate, because for a reason only known to the almighty wisdom of our legislators, there is no database set up to track police killings. If a database existed it […]

Grateful Dead lives in Lexington

Matt Wickstrom 
Contributing Columnist

Thanks to local music legend Lee Owen, Lexingtonians now have a reason to look forward to Monday. In November 2014, Owen began hosting what he calls ‘Grateful Monday’ at Cosmic Charlie’s on the corner of Euclid Avenue and Woodland Avenue, from 9 pm to midnight. Each week, Owen and a rotating cast of musicians, often […]

Editorial: Media misrepresents UK


While the numbers reinforce our own beliefs about the character and uprightness of the average UK student, the realization was too late for national media sources, many of which used UK’s presence in the tournament to misrepresent UK students as aggressive, even violent rioters.

NCAA Basketball Tournament system needs reform

Kyle Arensdorf
Opinions editor

Most people watch and love sports for the stories. They love them for the upsets. But for me, there’s no disappointment in sports like having to watch an upset. We love an underdog story, right? It’s the little guy triumphing over Goliath. It’s Ralph Macchio defeating William Zabka of the Cobra Kai dojo at the […]

Wall Street corruption demands attention

Matt Young
Contributing Columnist

Where are the bells of liberty? This past week should have been a watershed moment in American politics; a moment so appalling and disturbing that every American ought to have stopped in their tracks and reevaluated their outlook on government, and our democracy specifically. For years, Sen. Elizabeth Warren has been a lonely voice in […]