Online fundraising moves society forward

Marjorie Kirk, Assistant Opinions Editor

By now, many of us have seen and been amazed by the story of James Robertson, the Detroit man whose 21-mile trek to work inspired a page that raised $350,001. This story encompasses the beginning of what could be an incredible transition in our society—the assumption of responsibility, by the masses, to support each […]

LTE: Bill could empower people to produce energy

So far this winter, my electric bills have not been “good,” but have certainly been more reasonable than they were last winter. I imagine many of my fellow UK students have noticed the same trend. Unfortunately, in much of Kentucky, energy bills are still a financial black hole for lower-income families. In some areas, particularly […]

Do not ignore experts’ wisdom on vaccines

Matt Young
Contributing Columnist

It wasn’t supposed to be this way. Humans accepted that the world was round generations ago, but for some reason growing numbers of people are regressing back into a “the world is flat” mentality. This country is in the midst of a measles outbreak, something thought to be impossible at the turn of the century […]

Rating bathrooms on campus


Editor’s note: Kernel columnists Boyd Hayes and Penny Schmitz are going to be grading campus bathrooms throughout the semester based on a number of different criteria, including cleanliness and facilities. Student Center 3rd Floor Women’s Bathroom (next to the Ballroom) Cleanliness: A Sink, stalls and floors were in great condition. No overwhelming odor and feminine […]

‘Selma’ shows real heroism

Cheyene Miller
Contributing Columnist

In my last column I wrote about Chris Kyle and his portrayal in the film “American Sniper.” At the time, I had not seen the film, but I intended to watch it during the coming weekend. Instead I ended up seeing “Selma,” which chronicles Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s fight against the suppression of black […]

Mourning the loss of a pet difficult whether near or far away

Marjorie Kirk, Assistant Opinions Editor

When we were children, we looked to an assortment of things for comfort and companionship. My greatest companion, my number “2,” my sidekick, my cuddle buddy and my fellow adventurer was a spry Australian shepherd named Lady. The summer before I left for college I remember worrying about the possibility that she was going to […]