SG services impact campus activities

Column by Ryan Smith It’s hard to believe that it’s already October. It seems like fall football weather has finally caught up to us this week, as well as the return of the wind tunnel around POT. I hope everyone’s first couple rounds of exams have gone well so far as we work our way […]

Proactive students will hinder H1N1

In recent weeks, the university has made many efforts to prevent an outbreak of H1N1 on campus. By the end of the first week of classes, if students were not aware of the pandemic waiting to sweep the halls of the White Hall Classroom Building, they received the memo loud and clear in the many […]

Undercoverage a product of health plan

Column by Matt Feinberg This past weekend in a wave of pink ribbons and running shoes (and pouring rain), the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure raised awareness and money for breast cancer research.  As the spouse of a breast cancer patient, I applaud this important and necessary work.  What I can’t applaud is […]

Provide full funding for UK VOX program

UK VOX, Voices for Planned Parenthood, acknowledges that abstinence is the only guaranteed way to prevent pregnancy. However, as an organization that promotes safe sexual practices, we also acknowledge that many people across time and space have chosen to forgo a 100 percent guarantee for the ability to express their sexuality in a variety of […]

How to evade faulty U.S. justice system

Column by Tim Riley It only took 30 or so years, but the other shoe finally dropped. Since fleeing the U.S. in 1977 to avoid the penalty after pleading guilty to “unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor,” famous movie director Roman Polanski has skirted U.S. law and continued making films in France until this week. […]

Protesters march in Pittsburgh to oppose “police-state” policies

Column by Richard Becker When I arrived in Pittsburgh last Wednesday, a post-rain mist had settled over the abandoned steel mills and many bridges that stretch across the city’s three rivers.  Below, in the streets, silence abounded.  But something was amiss. Above, the sky was streaked with black helicopters swarming the city like venomous wasps.  […]

Infrastructure reform key to ecological advances

Column by Mark Wetherington As sustainability and numerous other issues falling under the umbrella of environmentalism continue to carry focus of the news media, discerning the values at the heart of the movement becomes more difficult. It should be expected that such a broad movement, representing persons as ideologically opposite as Sierra Club members and […]