Campus must prepare for potential H1N1 outbreak

Students returning to campus are susceptible to new germs and viruses they have not been around all summer, and when 18,000 undergraduates merge into one spot at the same time it’s inevitable that someone will get sick. Extreme caution has to be used when dealing with students and illnesses, and right now the H1N1 virus, […]

Network forms campus connections

Letter to Editor by Matthew Noe “Social Network allows UK to monitor users,” has a bit of a big brother feel to it, doesn’t it? It is accurate in that the Big Blue Network, or NetworkBlue, is a social network, and it is true that it is monitored, but in our generation, a headline such […]

Social network place for meaningful discussion

Column by Christopher Rice In recent articles published by the Lexington Herald-Leader and the Kentucky Kernel, some unfortunate misunderstandings about the purpose of The Big Blue Network, or BBN, and how the university monitors activity on the network, have come about. I would like to put those to rest. The Big Blue Network is part […]

Student activism key to creating positive change on campus

Column by Austin Schmitt What do a massive amount of Americans divided over healthcare have in common with UK students? How do the images from the summer of citizens gathering in large numbers to voice their opinions on healthcare relate to UK’s campus? It is a lot more relevant than one could imagine. The passionate […]

Vick’s actions extend beyond the gridiron

Column by Austin Hill When I was nine years old, I bought a green and white zebra pattern hat with a giant eagle adorned on the front as a symbol of my sports allegiance. Growing up in a state with no professional football teams I took a liking to the Eagles. Watching players like Randall […]

New school year offers students many opportunities

Column by Ryan Smith It’s hard to believe it is already time to start another year. It seems like just last week we were trying to get ready for exams while we wondered what kind of magic Coach Cal was working on. However, after a summer of planning and hard work, it’s great to be […]

Safety should remain constant priority at UK

With the rise in school-related emergencies, the safety of college campuses is becoming a major concern and it is clear why UK, like many other universities nationwide, is making such concerted efforts to enhancing the various safety measures around campuses. Just a year ago, campus safety plans were minimal at best. Most buildings didn’t even […]

Passion, variety key to quality of Kernel

Column by Wesley Robinson This semester will be key in building for the future, both for myself and the Kentucky Kernel. Personally, I have to lay the building blocks for graduation, a career and a life of learning that will cease only when I die. For the Kernel, we are beginning to move forward with […]

Stimulus program lifts clunky auto industry

Ailing car industries across the country received a much needed boost from a government program this summer. The Car Allowance Rebate System, also known as “Cash for Clunkers,” ended Monday, August 24 after exhausting all the funds provided by the government. The program was so successful that clunker owners dried up the initial $1 billion […]

Big Blue Network masks true purpose

If you had to get creative and think of innovative ways to help keep students in school, what would you come up with? Academic enhancement? More tutoring? Smaller classes? A lot of effort is being put into coming up with ideas for retention, as retention rate is one of the major metrics a university uses […]