Lexington brews the best of Kentucky

Art by Ben Wade

Ahoy there, beer snobs! Hope everyone’s getting back into the swing of classes and meetings and all the other thrilling activities that take away from your drinking time. We’re lucky enough to live in a city that holds five of Kentucky’s breweries (the only other real Kentucky contender being Louisville, which has two), so the […]

Trump is the right-wing Frankenstein’s monster

Matt Young
Contributing Columnist

In truth, I was sick of Donald Trump about 13 minutes into the first episode of “The Apprentice” and changed the channel. It’s only been three days of class, and I’m already sick of hearing about him and tired of being asked about him. So, for my own personal sanity, I’m getting this Trump thing […]

Studying abroad can lead to lifelong memories for students

Alix McIntosh, left, while studying abroad in Jordan

When my interest in the Middle East extended past our post-graduation road trip and into the written history of Saudi Arabia — then into my first year at UK — my parents were hoping that this enthusiasm wouldn’t mold my career or travel choices; they were to be gravely disappointed.