The acoUstiKats will move to next round of “Sing-Off” competition

By Anyssa Roberts

NBC’s “The Sing Off” might have saved the best for last on their season four premiere of the singing competition at 9 p.m. on Monday. And I’m not saying it because I go to UK.

Ten groups, including Lexington’s “acoUstiKats,” who made it into the next round of competition, competingnationally for the chance to walk away with a professional recording contract and $100,000 in tow.

During the two-hour season premiere, groups from New York City, Los Angeles and everywhere in between performed songs they felt captured their groups’ essence.

And the acoUstiKats closed the nights’ performances with “Blurred Lines” by Robin Thicke.

What a performance.

The 12-man, all-male group took one of the sexiest songs of the year and made it their own with eye-popping choreography and vocals to make your ears happy.

A performance that not even the judges saw coming.

Judge Shawn Stockman of the R&B vocal group Boyz II Men said he thought the performance would be “an acoUstiKat-astrophie,” because of the high vocal and performance expectations associated with singing a No. 1 hit, but the guys proved him wrong.

However, I must admit, I didn’t expect them to do so well.

Now, hold on! Before, you start sharpening your pitchforks, I will explain why the acoUstiKats exceeded my expectations and blew the screen off my television.

1. They chose a song no one expected. Controversial, “Blurred Lines” is a long way from “My Old Kentucky Home,” but as far as song selection goes, it was the best on the show.

2. The group included choreography, while it may have looked inappropriate for some, that was highly appropriate for Thicke’s sexy No. 1 single.

3. Vocals of course. Twelve voices can be difficult to blend, but the cats dove, chords first, into the song and took advantage of their octave ranges.

If the cats keep this up, I see winning in their future.

Prediction: Who could give the “acoUstiKats” competition based on tonight’s’ performance?

1. “Street Corner Renaissance” : Talk about bridging the generation gap. Using a teen-pop song “What Makes You Beautiful” and transforming it into a classic, doo-wop song — genius strategy.

2. “The Filharmonic” :  as a young, talented all-boys group from the Philippines, these guys have personality and lots of it.

3. “Calle Sol” : while the groups’ vocals did not stand out to me, they had incredible stage presence with their dance moves that worked with “Pon de Replay,” by Rihanna.