UK athletics integral to campus

Roshan Palli  Student Body President

Roshan Palli
Student Body President

This coming Monday, UK Athletics will unveil the design for the new Commonwealth Stadium.

This serves as both a reminder of the steps forward that our university is taking and the beneficial relationship between UK Athletics and the rest of campus.

It has been said again and again, but we truly are at the university during a special time.

It seems that the administration is taking steps to improve nearly every part of the campus. UK will look very different in just a small amount of time, and that is something to be very proud of. We are moving forward rapidly.

In the same bill, Frankfort approved plans to renovate the football stadium and a new academic science building.
This project will be partially funded by UK Athletics.

No part of either building project — the Commonwealth changes nor science building — will come from Kentucky tax revenue. This science building reflects UK Athletics’ dedication to the success of our students.

The fact that our athletics department is not only able to support itself financially, but also help other parts of campus grow, is simply incredible.

This is not an isolated occurrence; UK Athletics helps students succeed at UK every year through contributions to the scholarship fund that afford many students the opportunity to come to UK.

We are lucky to have such a partner in our own athletics department, and the updates to Commonwealth Stadium will help maintain their success for years to come.

Roshan Palli is the student body president. His column appears every Wednesday in the Kernel.