Pinterest helps style nails like the stars': UK students go for simpler, but still showy trends


By Amanda Powell

Nail art has become increasingly more popular over the past few months. Pinterest has exploded with designs and hints on how to get the perfect manicure, and with the recent awards season, celebs have taken to the trend.

The “Mani Cam” at the SAG Awards even spurred our favorite Kentucky girl Jennifer Lawrence to talk about her chubby fingers and pretend her hand was attacking the camera while showing off her polish.

With the popularity in Hollywood, Pinterest nail trends include flowers, animals and patterns. Tutorials show how to get the looks the stars wear using materials like tape and toothpicks.

Now, with Paris Fashion Week wrapping up, some of the most outrageous runway nails have been featured.

Shows included nails with encrusted jewels and netting, nails with bright colors and stud accents and nails with layers of matte and glossy polish. Pastels and darker colors are shaping up to be the new spring looks.

The top fashion magazines show lighter shades of pinks, greens and blues. Darker colors are also big with different hues of grey, purple and black. Students at UK are already wearing the less outrageous styles on campus.

Elementary education freshman Lauren Murphy said her favorite color to paint her nails is black, and she was wearing a pastel turquoise on her nails.

Biology junior Kirby Adams had her nails painted black with a red accent nail.

“There are not a lot of colors that go with red so I accented the red sparkle with black,” Adams said.

Animal science and pre-veterinary freshman Stephanie Kessel wore a bronze color on her nails. Metallics were seen on the runway a lot throughout Fashion Week.

“I’m pretty good at doing my own nails, but when it comes to doing little decorative things, I’m not really good at that,” Kessel said.

Murphy and Adams said they looked at Pinterest for nail ideas, but typically don’t wear the nail designs themselves.

“I’ve tried to give myself a French manicure before — I’m not good at that. I’ve tried little flowers — I’m not good at that either. I guess that’s what you pay people for,” Murphy said.

She’ll typically paint her own nails a solid color once a week. Kessel also does her nails about once a week and changes the color “based on season or if I’m going to be wearing something nice and I need a matching nail color.”

Adams usually gets her nails done. She draws inspiration from Pinterest, but her sister is a nail designer in Utah “so she comes up with all these ideas.” With her sister in the business, Adams has been ahead of the curve and started painting one nail an accent color a couple years ago.

Murphy and Kessel said they typically use OPI polish that can be found at Target or Walmart. UK students are keeping up with the nail trends, but with the life of a typical college student, it’s easier to concentrate on colors than creating intricate nail patterns.