Water line breaks, floods UK Fine Arts Building

Staff Report | @KyKernel


A water line broke on the ground floor of the UK Fine Arts Building on Monday afternoon, and flooded the area near the men’s restroom.

The flood has been contained and UK Facilities is working to fix the water line, according to UK spokesman Jay Blanton.

There is not expected to be any significant damage to the building, Blanton said.

Jack, why complain against Fine Arts, Complain to the administration, attacking your peers serves you not in the slightest. Only when the student body sufficiently reminds the administration that this a place of higher learning, and Academic Buildings MUST have priority for maintenance and renovations. Failure to do that blatantly labels our University as just another profiteering venture.

You people should go over to the Werner Gren building and see where the Bio Medical engineer department has to stay. No AC, ceiling tiles falling down, no warm water, etc. You complain about a pipe leak? ha! The Werner Gren building was built in 1941 a decade before Fine Arts with little updates since then! I’m sure your building sucks, but there are buildings in far worst shape.

This is outrageous. We have the President of the University speaking to a packed audience at the opening night of the University of Kentucky Opera Theatre’s production of Nozze di Figaro, ostensibly to show his support of fine arts, yet new construction of Dormitories, which really function as additional revenue streams for the University is prioritized over an entire program. The Fine Arts program at UK is rapidly becoming one of the best in the country, yet UKOT is largely self funded. The fact that our building is a health hazard seems inconsequential to the administration. The building was never designed for the size that this program has grown to. It is so severely outdated that entire classrooms are stocked with wooden desks bedecked with decades of graffiti. The callous direction of the administration in allowing this situation to occur should bring shame in such a tumultuous downpour that their buildings receive their own unintended waterfalls.

This is sadly not the first time this building has been flooded recently. Right before finals week in the spring semester of 2010 it flooded so badly that sewage was floating through the halls. With all the money the university is pouring into better athletic facilities, a new chemistry/physics building, and expanding an already plush Gatton building, isn’t it time a more permanent solution was given to a building that is in disrepair and risking the health and safety of the students at the Iniversoty?

It won’t cause damage to the building because it’s being held together with paper clips and duck tape. What is it going to take to get a decent Fine Arts building? Because apparently two floods, asbestos ceiling tiles, and absolute decay for the state’s flagship Fine Arts program isn’t enough to warrant serious consideration. Go Cats, right?!