K Book editorial board accepting applicants

By Andrea Richard | @KyKernel


Since 1901, groups of students have come together to construct the annual K Book.

Applications are being accepted for those interested in joining the K Book editorial board.

The K Book is written to inform freshmen on the history of UK, provide them with different ways to get involved on campus and encourage them to be an active part in UK history.

The board will be losing eight members in the upcoming school year and is looking to rebuild for the next K Book.

Interested students can find applications online through the new student and parent programs website, the application station off of the student involvement website, the K Book’s Facebook page or through Twitter.

Complete applications should be submitted to 567 Patterson Office Tower by 4:30 pm March 1.

The board is looking for individuals “who can take things as they come, are open to new ideas, are fun and willing to fit in,” said Lindsey Steller, editor of the K Book.

Students of all ages and majors are welcome to apply.

Board members also gain leadership skills, communication skills, and writing and editing skills, Steller said.

“It’s so rewarding when a freshman can come up to you and say I learned this from the K Book. That’s why we do it — to make the transition easier from high school to college,” Steller said.

Candice Cruz, senior board member for the past three years, says being on the committee has allowed her to gain “a new appreciation for the University of Kentucky.”

”You really become connected with the university,” Cruz said. “It’s not just a school that you go to; it’s your life for four years. It’s a part of you. You have so much connection to what happens on campus, and you get to become a part of history. You get to leave your legacy and help those that are incoming to leave theirs.”