Kernel Editorial: President Bilas, we’re stuck in the middle with you

The Kernel cannot tell how it currently feels about Student Government President Stephen Bilas.

We believe reasons exist that would cause us to feel both negative and positive feelings toward Bilas.

The Kernel will not take a clear stance on how Bilas is performing in his presidential duties until Bilas takes a clear stance on any matter that is controversial in nature.

The Kernel will be working closely with others on this campus, to see if we can in the near future, come to a consensus on Bilas.

Bilas is shy about telling you how he may feel about the issues that have the greatest impact on students.

He set the precedent taking strong public stances following the alcohol ban at the student tailgate off Cooper Drive that was enacted for one game.

“This isn’t a punishment in the sense that it is a precaution for safety,” Bilas said. “The university needs … to provide alternative solutions to encourage safety, because when you put that many people in a confined area, whether there is alcohol involved or not, it’s a recipe for disaster.”

After the ban was lifted, Bilas said at a news conference that students have showed initiative in finding ways to have fun responsibly, and that among his duties is to find a middle ground among students, and university and safety officials.

The middle ground is a place where Bilas thrives.

When the faculty senate accused President Eli Capilouto of creating a false crisis, Bilas showed he was not afraid to stand with the faculty, while simultaneously standing right by Capilouto.

“Everybody within the university, if they have an opinion needs to speak it,” Bilas said to the Kernel regarding the memo.

We cannot say with absolute certainty whether or not Bilas was including himself in the category of everybody in the university with an opinion, or if he is capable of formulating an opinion at all.

In the Kernel’s article regarding the potential for abandoning a dry campus policy, Bilas took his toughest stance yet.

“Student Government President Stephen Bilas said he has gone back and forth on his feelings about UK’s alcohol policy during his time as a student at UK,” the article stated. “He said he thought the university should explore alternatives, but he is not saying the university should commit to either being a wet, moist or dry campus.”

“It’s a lot more complicated than that,” Bilas said.

If Bilas is reading this editorial, we are sure he may or may not feel that he has been portrayed both fairly and unfairly by the Kernel, but appreciates our input.

At this time, we are unable to comment further, until we have all the facts pertaining to Bilas’ work as president.

Zeke I am sure that your comment will make a huge impact on the Kernel’s beliefs towards Bilas. Thank you for such an insightful complaint.

Sincerely, someone who liked reading this.

Seriously, what is the point of this article? It has no substance whatsoever. It refers to a very limited amount of examples to try and portray a big picture of negativity towards him. Where is the substance?

Someone who wants to read articles that actually matter

This article is garbage; plain and simple.

Think of the UK basketball team. Do you only support them when they’re winning, or are you behind them all the way?

Mr. Bilas has done a phenomenal job as Student Government President. He is loyal to the approximately 29,000 students he serves, just as he is fully committed to serving this university. I know him to always be in his office, working hard to have a constantly greater impact. He represents the University with pride and integrity, and he is passionate about his job as president.

I would urge whoever wrote this article to confront President Bilas about any issue before writing something like this. You could write about some great things Mr. Bilas has done in his tenure as Student Body President. He is behind #BBNUnited and making strides for big, positive changes that would benefit all UK students and staff. He also recently donated $5,000 to the Catalyst Coalition, for diversity program funding. About the whole alcohol policy situation, he is working with President Capilouto, reviewing the data and making decisions based on the facts, to do what is best for the University as a whole.

Before you write about our Student Government President again, confront him and get the facts. It’s not ethical to throw someone under the bus like this and cause 29,000 students to question Mr. Bilas’ motives. I support him 100%.