UK student charged with rape

By Drew Teague

A UK student was arrested and charged with rape after an incident on campus early Saturday morning.

UK Police Chief Joe Monroe said the incident began when the suspect met the victim, also a UK student, at a party off campus Friday night.

“They left the party and came back to a residence hall facility,” Monroe said.

The UK police crime log listed the address of the incident as 121 Keeneland Drive, the address for Keeneland Hall.

After returning to her dorm room with her just before 2 a.m., the suspect forced himself on the female victim, Monroe said.

Monroe also said that it did not appear that the suspect sneaked into the residence hall.

“The male student subject forced himself upon the female student, basically having a sexual act against her, against her will,” Monroe said. “It was reported to us after he had already left.”

Monroe identified the suspect as Simon Segal, an 18-year-old student at UK. The Ledger Independent identified Segal as being from May’s Lick, Ky. Monroe said the victim was taken to the hospital for exams and treatment, but the suspect was found nearly 10 hours later, at 11:41 a.m.

“We were able to locate the male subject, Mr. Segal, later that afternoon in the College View parking lot, walking through the lot,” Monroe said.

According to the arrest report, alcohol played a part in the incident, but it does not state who was intoxicated or to what extent. Associate Dean of Students Dana Macaulay said her office could not release information about student conduct history.

According to the arrest report issued by UK police, he was being held on $10,000 bond, but he posted it and was released.

According to the arrest report, the victim remembers that after the non-consensual intercourse began, the suspect said, “I want to make you feel better.”

The report also said that when the victim attempted to refuse the sexual contact, the suspect pinned her neck with his hand and forearm and the victim then became unconscious.

Segal was arraigned just after 1 p.m. Tuesday. Segal’s lawyer waived Segal’s right to formal arraignment. His lawyer also put in a plea of not guilty on the charge of first-degree rape.

The judge issued a no contact order between Segal and the victim. Segal’s next court appearance is scheduled for 8:30 a.m. Feb. 5.

UK police declined to provide the Kernel details about the incident or a police report after multiple news outlets reported it Monday.

They returned requests for information Tuesday. Anna Dryden, a political science freshman who lives in the residence halls, said she is worried that these things happen on campus.

“I think it is really troubling that there are people on this campus that want to hurt others,” Dryden said. “Girls on campus are very vulnerable and crazy people take advantage of that.”

I really hope they still teach ethics in journalism classes. What happened to the presumption of innocence here? Of course rape is deplorable and a highly sensitive issue that should never be taken lightly but that doesn’t negate the basic human right of ‘innocence until proven guilty’.

Let’s look at facts laid out so far: the suspect was arrested and charged with rape. Until he receives a fair trial and is found guilty, he is just that: a suspect. Unless the Kentucky Kernel wants to become part of the tabloid press, why would any journalist with a sense of ethics specifically name the suspect — especially in a school newspaper? On the front page of the paper nonetheless. If the suspect is found not guilty, you have seriously impacted his well-being at UK. If he ends up being guilty, you have ample opportunity to report on the issue after the Feb 5 court date. As it stands now, this article is in violation of basic journalism ethics and principles, not to mention the human rights of the suspect.


1.) Even if a rapists’ identity is known, an Alert should still be posted because that person while in public poses a threat to other people because at that point, they have a history of hurting people. If a mugging had happened, an Alert would have gone out, no question. The fact that the rape occurred in a residence hall means that our residence halls and staff are unable to deal with this crime and students have a right to know that. Perhaps you don’t feel threatened as a male because you believe men don’t get raped? This is a lie and perhaps you should consider your own position as a potential victim with more empathy toward those who have been attacked.

2.) Rape happens when a person says “no”/resists/ignores/fights/changes-their-mind/disagrees/doesn’t-feel-comfortable and the other person still forces sexual acts upon the victim. NOTHING CHANGES THAT. If a person is drunk and seems unable to make a decision for themself, then guess what, you are unable to make that decision for them, including whether or not that person wants to have sex.

3.) In your post, you are saying it is okay to rape drunk people. You are wrong and I hope you realize that before your thinking hurts someone you know. 1 in 4 women at UK are the victims of sexual violence so that means your friends, your classmates have had this happen to them, and if you would say all of this to their face knowing what they have been through, then I dare say you fall into the “subhuman” category as well.

Ladies, why would you jump to conclusions? The alleged victim was was aware prior sexual contact and remembers pillow talk after, but only “attempted” to refuse sexual contact? Did she even say ‘no?’

We can all agree that rape and sexual assault are heinous crimes, and coming forward is a unspeakably difficult, but is blackout drunk sex first-degree rape? Regardless of your instincts, there’s a lot of grey area here. Remember, that even unsubstantiated public allegations will ruin a man’s reputation.

Maybe if they both weren’t so intoxicated the alleged victim’s opposition would have been clear and none of this would have happened. Next time you fill your cup, remember that.

Sara, an alert would not be appropriate here because the suspect’s identity was known and he posed no danger to the UK community.

Why didn’t I get a UK alert about this? The girl who reported this is extremely brave, and this Segal person is subhuman. Please tell me he has been suspended from campus.