Student input wanted for provost

By Morgan Eads

The committee charged with hiring the second-most powerful person on campus hopes a series of forums will help students and university employees understand the importance of their input.

The Provost Search Committee is urging people to speak up about who should be provost, the position that oversees all of UK’s academics.

Charles Carlson, co-chair of the search committee and a psychology professor, said it is important for students to show an interest in this search.

“The provost is the chief academic officer of the university and is responsible for all aspects of the academic programs,” Carlson said.

“Students should be concerned about this individual because she or he will have a significant leadership role in the day to day affairs of our institution.” Brenna Stahl, a nursing freshman, said she might attend one of the forums.

“This is our curriculum and our education, so our opinion matters,” Stahl said.

One member of the committee said the forums will help students and employees feel that their voice counts in this decision.

“These forums are intended to provide an opportunity for students, staff and faculty to convey information about what matters to them about this important leadership position and know they will be heard,” said Mary Davis, committee member and professor of law.

“We don’t have any preconceived notion about whose opinion is the most important. Everyone at this university has an important role to play in the process.” Macy Purcell, a civil engineering sophomore, thinks the hearings offer a perspective students don’t typically experience. “It’s a good way for people to get out and see how the university works …People want to know how things are run and have input.”

-Thursday, Jan. 17: Room 234 of the Biological-Pharmaceutical Building Noon-1 p.m.

-Thursday, Jan. 24: W.T. Young Library Auditorium Noon-1 p.m.

-Wednesday, Jan. 30: Worsham Theater at the Student Center 3:30-4:30