Man arrested in assault case

By Drew Teague

Lexington police arrested Christopher Releford on Tuesday in connection with an attempted rape and assault that occurred Sept. 7 on East Maxwell Street.

The victim pulled a knife and cut the suspect after he attempted to remove her clothes, leaving DNA from his blood on the knife and sidewalk as he ran off, the warrant for Releford’s arrest said.

The Harrodsburg sheriff’s office contacted Lexington police about someone who visited a local hospital with similar wounds the same day. Both departments questioned Releford, who voluntarily gave a DNA sample, the warrant said.

The warrant said after DNA testing, police confirmed Releford’s DNA was at the scene, saying it is a one in 3.6 quintillion profile.

Releford was booked into the Fayette County Detention Center on Dec. 4, with his bond set at $15,000 cash, the arrest report said.

According to the warrant and commitment order issued by the court, Releford was charged with first-degree rape and second-degree assault.