Weight-loss program offered at Johnson Center

By Christina Olgiate

In January, the Johnson Center will begin its spring semester weight-loss program, Time to Change.

The 15-week program is free to all UK students and to BCTC students with a Johnson Center pass.

Applicants to the program must have a body mass index of 30 or more.

The fitness program is designed to help students lose weight, reduce their body fat and increase their confidence in achieving fitness goals.

The program will also provide its participants with the knowledge and tools necessary to continue a fitness program individually, while helping them improve their health and overall quality of life.

“Time to Change is a great opportunity for students to not only get free workouts from a personal trainer twice a week, but to develop the skills to create a lifestyle change on their own,” said Leia Eldreth, a graduate assistant working with the program.

Students who choose to enter the program are expected to be hard working and willing to dedicate themselves to the program starting in January and continuing until dead week in April.

Participants will be placed in small groups (no more than five members) based upon scheduling and availability. Groups will meet with their assigned certified professional trainers twice a week to design workouts, keep up the motivation and educate on proper techniques.

Students will also be educated on healthy-eating habits and nutritional information. Jill Kindy, a registered dietician at UK, will be assisting students with nutrition questions and helping them form healthy-eating habits.

“I’m happy to hear that UK is offering a free weight-loss program for its students,” junior Hannah Zingg said. “College puts a lot of stress on us every day and weight gain is an issue for many of us, as well as college students everywhere. I hope that the program can help change the lives of those involved.”

The progress of students will be tracked with three separate assessments using MicroFit Fitness Assessment software. The program tracks changes in weight, BMI, body fat, circumference measurements, blood pressure and heart rate.

Those interested can apply for the program at uky.edu/studentaffairs/CampusRec/time-change-weight-loss-program.

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