UK has reaction plans for bomb threats

By Taylor Moak

Several college campuses across the country have received bomb threats in the past week, and UK has reaction plans in place, should a threat ever occur here.

UK Police Chief Joe Monroe said all threats are presumed true, and if one is made to campus, UK Police is immediately notified.

He said UK Police would put information out to campus about how it should respond.

“(We) investigate them all appropriately,” he said. “You never know if it’s a hoax or not.”

Bomb threats are usually made by phone calls, he said, because email can be easily traced.

The University of Texas at Austin and at Brownsville, North Dakota State University, Louisiana State University and Arkansas State University all received bomb threats within the past week. Monroe said anytime one notices this type of behavior, he or she must take a step back.

UK Police works hand-in-hand with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and the Lexington police department’s bomb squad. UK Police also has two explosion detective dogs on campus.

“(We have) all necessary tools at our disposal … if something should be discovered,” Monroe said.