Freshman seeks campus’ endless opportunities

By Ashleigh Evans

Finally, the school year has progressed and we are in our third week. That was more exciting in my head; anymore the classes are becoming routine and mundane. Lecture, notes, lecture, activity, notes, reading and repeat.

Everyone is experiencing this lull, not just freshmen. Honestly though, it still is a little exciting for me, because we are still in the preliminary rounds of introductory lectures.

There seems to be a lot of waiting, at least as classes go. Sadly, just over that horizon of “possibility” there are numerous projects and exams.

I guess you win some and you lose some.

Things have been looking up, considering my downtime is becoming less and less available. As a freshman, I really am trying to become involved in as many organizations as possible. At this point, I think I have a healthy balance of clubs, school and regular social life.

Now, my regular amount is probably very different from someone else’s regular, let’s be honest.

Coming into UK, I knew that there was an abundance of clubs and organizations that you could involve yourself in, but I had no idea that they were so extensive.

My high school just had a small group of clubs you could join and were pretty general regarding the type of club. I am still really impressed that there is such a wide range available.

I mean, there are major specific clubs; you have no idea how baffled I am by this (but in a good way, I promise). Honestly, I feel like Aladdin’s “A Whole New World” should be playing somewhere right now.

Adjusting is becoming easier as the weeks progress.

I feel like a majority of freshmen either really miss home or are completely fine. As usual, I fall in the middle of that spectrum.

“Adjusting” is such a broad term when I think about it. I say that I’m still adjusting to college life, which includes not only the college but the various activities and culture.

Lately though, I feel like I have needed a helping hand on understanding this weather. Since when did the roads become a river? I had no idea that I needed a boat to cross the street.

Along those lines, how do you prepare for these sudden changes? College is costing too much money. I have never needed to buy a pair of rainboots in my entire life.

Nor have I ever had to learn so much new vocabulary about food alone. I am still really confused as to what Ale-8-One tastes like. I’ve heard it tastes like Sprite but also that it tastes like ginger-flavored ginger ale. What does that mean? What is burgoo?

It is still very interesting learning all of this about Kentucky’s culture.

UK has proved to be a home away from home, but like anything, it takes time and getting used to. I really have enjoyed my experience so far and cannot wait to fully understand Kentucky.

Ashleigh Evans is an ISC freshman. Email

How is this not an opinion?

This highlighted nearly everything I’ve thought of during my time here. I think no matter what you hear from upperclassmen, your experience will be a little shocking no matter what.

Investing in some rain boots is an excellent idea, and maybe an over-sized umbrella. I think you’ve got some solid opinions on how weird it is to adjust to college life. Yes.