UK Dance Ensemble’s concert brings out emotion

By Jennifer Abreu

With finals and deadlines approaching, students find time for fun in dance, both onstage and in the audience.

The UK Dance Ensemble presented its spring concert on Saturday at the Singletary Center for the Arts.

With 14 pieces, the dancers reached out to the audience and pulled out different emotions with each performance.

Some dances had a message, and others were for pure entertainment.

The performers wore everything from regular dance attire to jeans to sea animal costumes.

They went from delicate turns and pointed toes to tapping, hip-hop moves and salsa dancing.

Tierney Thornberry, who attended for the first time out of curiosity, praised the creativity in the dances and how they were able to portray a message.

“It’s very interesting how people can incorporate a thought into dance like this,” she said. “You don’t even have to say anything, you just dance.”

Jessica Schwein and Kaylin Oldham supported their sorority sisters who performed.

Schwein attended the ensemble for the first time and was pleased with the performances.

“I really like it, especially the piece that was choreographed by Elizabeth Foster, ‘Take a Seat,’ ” she said. “I am definitely coming back.”

For Oldham, attending performances has become no question.

In addition to giving support, she gets a joyful experience.

“The whole show was great,” she said. “It’s my second time attending and I will keep coming back, even if they (my sorority sisters) are no longer in it.”

Every dance was choreographed by one of the student performers, except for two. Each semester UKDE welcomes guest choreographers to work with the team.

This year, members had Reena Cobo choreographing the last piece, “Baila Salsa!” and Krista Tucker choreographing “Times Remembered.”

At the end of the night, the ensemble’s graduating seniors were recognized.

They were Stephanie Leah Cain, Katie Johnston, Natalie Read, Kaitlyn Sharp and Jordan Seiter.

They took home flowers and received applause from the audience.