UK alumna Ashley Judd responds to ‘puffy face’ criticism

Ashley Judd attended the game between UK and the University of North Carolina at Rupp Arena on Saturday, Dec. 3, 2011. Photo by Latara Appleby | Staff

After recent criticism of UK alumna Ashley Judd’s “puffy face,” her rep has explained the reason behind her appearance.

According to a Washington Post article, Judd’s rep told E! that she has been battling a “serious sinus infection and flu” and she has been on medication to overcome it.

Posts such as “What’s Up With Ashley Judd’s Face?” on BuzzFeed saying, “I believe this is called ‘Billy Crystal-ing’ your face'” made Judd tweet a response.

Judd responded to critism via Twitter, saying “I know, steriods r dramatic. My clothes don’t fit right, hard on a girl’s self esteem, so lots of positive self talk & love.” The tweet was in response to a woman who said she quit school after gaining weight from medication, according to the article.

Currently, Judd has been promoting her ABC show, “Missing,” which UK students saw a preview of in February.

If Judd is off the mark then you should be able to refute her arguments instead of just throwing dismissive insults. I can tell you that as a woman, I feel like I’m on a countdown to worthlessness as time goes by. I’m sure that some readers will rationalize it as a personal problem that is unique to me but I can tell you that many women feel this way. I’ve been in the military, have a great professional track-record, I’m in graduate school, I’ve worked hard to become an effective public speaker, etc. etc. These accomplishments do give me some credibility, but at the end of the day a woman’s worth very often comes down to her fu[k@bility. When it comes to intellectual and professional pursuits we are assumed to be weak, incompetent lightweights and when we aggressively chase goals (or are not actively engaged in seeking sexual approval from men), we’re accused of being like men. We can’t win. Fortunately the frat boy culture that gave birth to these values is being challenged little by little (by women and conscious men) but the idea of valuing a woman based solely on her ability to create b0^ers (and dismissing everything else about her) is alive and well. And please, if you’re a man, be a gent and assume that women are the experts on what it’s like to be women.