John Calipari refutes NBA rumors

UK head coach John Calipari told multiple national media outlets that he is going to be at UK next season amid rumors that he might be interested in an NBA coaching position.

“Kentucky is the best job in basketball coaching,” Calipari told “Why would I leave? We just won the national title. We’re chasing UCLA.”

Calipari told that no NBA team, including the New York Knicks — the most-cited potential NBA destination — has contacted him about a possible coaching position.

Calipari told Sporting News that he would continue going to NBA games to see his former players amid the rumors.

“I’ve done that my whole career,” Calipari told Sporting News. “I’m not changing my lifestyle because somebody wants to put a rumor out.”

Rumors have sprung up after each of Calipari’s three seasons at UK. This year, however, they’ve been magnified because he just won a title. Some, as Yahoo Sports columnist Adrian Wojnarowski, say that could shift the momentum toward him leaving. Others, such as Dan Wolken, who covered Calipari in Memphis, point out that Calipari’s idol is Larry Brown, who won titles at both levels.

Wolken also pointed out that Calipari, whose UK contract has another seven years left, has made public commitments about staying where he was before, only to leave shortly thereafter.

Calipari urged fans to relax and not let the rumors ruin their joy on his website.