The Cat’s Meow

“I was going to get drunk and stick my face in her boobs one day.”

“Yeah, go stand up there and be eye candy.”

“Wow! You are pregnant.”

“But forreal, if I had a dime for everytime the word ‘Greek’ is mentioned by these candidates, I could pay rent for a year AND buy a hooker”

It’s amazing how people affiliated with Greek life are consumed with it, yet others couldn’t possibly care any less. In fact, most see Greek life as a negative thing and something that should be removed entirely from a campus. After all, buying one’s friends is incredibly pretentious and unbecoming of anyone. If people are so severely limited in their social skills that they have to join a social organization in order to have friends, then that person likely has some serious mental issues (not to mention being incredibly immature). Just saying what everyone else is thinking.