PHOTOS: West Liberty tornado damage

Here are photos of West Liberty, Ky., depicting the tornado damage from Friday’s storms. CLICK HERE for a story from West Liberty.

To see photos from East Bernstadt, Ky., CLICK HERE.

Please Note that you Can Help Tornado Relief Fund
Go To and read the Home Page
For More Info on That and Morgan County Christian Social Services
organization its A Great service and organization Thats working Hard
To Help Clean UP The Town of westliberty
Plus if you should You have any ?’s about This Program the site Gives This Info

If anybody has any questions, please feel free to call us at (606)743-3141.

I Just thought i would pass this info on

and on another Note if where Hurt By This storm and Lost work
due to it thank of selling on its a Great site
THats Trying to also Help in its own ways for any Info on Please Feel Free to email me at
May God Be with all The People in Westliberty
from The Tornado and the People in Lee city Ky Who got Hit with Hell
Balls The Size of Baseballs on the same night that broke out car windows and did some other Minor things also God Bless any one that was Hurt or lost any one in any Part of this storm world and state wide have a Great day and togeather WE CAN MAKE A NEW westLiberty Ky
BIGGer BEtter and Stronger Then Ever Before NEVER SAY NEVER its words that Busy Bidz HOlds Tight.

again Thanks to the Bank of the mountains
The Morgan County Christian Social Services organization
RED Cross
The Army
THe Men and women & Kids who are Giving it all each day to Recover
and or Help Others Recover

I know the Morgan County Elementary School is one of the shelters….donations could likely be sent there and I think the Menifee County school as well……I am looking for sort of “direct” help to the town instead of Red Cross who will distribute the items across many states….I want the MOST help I can give to the area I am from….I know others need it too….but I just wanna do MY part and help the area I am from.
Article telling about the help here ….this is close to West Liberty and would be helping probably and closely surrounding areas….

You may also ask your local churches to perhaps “Adopt a Family” hard hit by the tornados as well ? That way help would go DIRECTLY to the people in need? I know that…..many times, when you give to Red Cross ect …they donate these items to other communities ect and don’t really tell anyone they are distributing the stuff to places YOU DIDN’T EVEN INTEND for the stuff to go to ….. THAT IS WHY…..I am hesitant to giving to Red Cross…..

I seem to have lost some of my links….I will refind them and repost….sorry folks !

I saw some ask where to send donations….I saw a few websites that were legit and told where to send them….I have relatives in this small town West Liberty, Ky which is also my hometown. They luckily survived with what could be considered “minimum” damage I guess after seeing the devastation….but ALL were affected !!!

These are a good, hard working people…..they will APPRECIATE any and ALL help you can give this town !!! I would strongly RECOMMEND that IF you really want to HELP PEOPLE WHO TRULY NEED IT ……..This would be IT ……..Please help all you can !!!

Thank You !!! I will go and find those links now and post them !!!

Mr. Perkins and readers,

We apologize for that process. A purchase option for photos taken by Kernel photographers is set by default. As of now, the photographs are not available for purchase. However, if you would like copies of photos, please contact me at

These photos are amazing, and tell a story where words are not enough. I saw where a person can purchase some of them. I trust that the paper and/or the photographer are going to donate the proceeds to some relief effort there in West Liberty. While people from all over the eastern part of the country are gathering up what they can, and making donations to agencies that are trying to help the victims, I would hate to think someone right there is trying to profit from pictures. If they are, then it seems to me that they were just ‘lookers’ with a press pass,and THAT is really bad Mojo. Signed, A vol. FF/EMT who came from out of state to help on Saturday.

I am from Florida, are there any churches or organizations I can send donated goods to?

sent clothes and foods to west liberty tornado victims yesterday, what else do you all need